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Obsessive Archive (Page 7)

A collection of testimonials featuring some of the Obsessive installs from October 2011 to July 2012.

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Don't be Fooled!

ABTEC alarms I needed to mention this because I think it's disgusting.

Recently I've seen other companies stealing Julians good name and reputation to promote their own business. Don't be fooled! is the only company deserving Julian's great reputation. Anyone else using his company name for their own is ripping him off!!


4th Alarm :)

MAPS This is the 4th Alarm we have had installed on our personal cars from Julian, we are as always very pleased with the work and attention to detail.

Its always a pleasure when he comes over as we get to talking all kind of cool electronics and he never fails to fix something else in the car that we thought was unfixable or going to cost us a fortune :)

thanks again Julian!!!


Proper Job!

I had Julian install an alarm on my new shiny playdoh (Prado) 4wd, he took his time and installed it properly, he even added a park light buzzer and power feeds for radios etc.. He also wired up a rear work lamp and fixed some door wiring..

Recommend Julian to everyone, he is very professional, knows his stuff and backs all his work.


Extreme Lenghts To Hide Everything

R32 Nissan Skyline GTR Hey Julian,

Thanks for the great install and service.

Julian drove to my work place and installed the alarm as I was working. Did an excellent job and went to extreme lengths to hide everything away nicely making theft very difficult.

Alarm and immobiliser are working perfectly. I can now sleep well at night knowing my GTR will be safe.

Highly recommend Obsessive Vehicle Security to those looking for good service and advice.

Cheers Zac

Great Advice & Service

Giday Julian,

Just wanted to say thanks alot for the great advice and service with the Cobra alarm installed in the impreza.

You are definitely the proof that selecting the right alarm is only half the investment. You also need an installer like yourself who is willing to take that extra step and time make sure the alarm is installed the best possible way and not one that is easy to bypass or to rip out.

Thanks again Julian, will definitely catch up with you for the next car!

Cheers Rob.

Brilliant advice, service, workmanship.

Wholeheartedly recommend Julian to anyone thinking about a car alarm -

you could not do better than to use Julian..

Stephen Sandford

Second Obsessive Install

Mitsubishi L300 Alarmed

Julian from Obessive installed an alarm in my van a little while ago and it is working great.

I have had a copple of questions regarding how the alarm operates and julian has been happy to answer them for me with out any hesitation.

This is the second vehicle Obessive have installed for me and I would highly recommend them..


Get Obsessive

Nissan Cube

So with all the car thefts and break ins that have happened recently. I thought it was about time to get an alarm installed in the Bwarp Appliance.

But who do you talk to in Wellington when you want an alarm? Julian at Obsessive Vehicle Security...


Alarm is Great

1985 Mazda 323

Alarm is Great :)


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