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A collection of testimonials featuring some of the Obsessive installs from November 2010 to October 2011.

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Tech Geek!

You want to ensure you have got the alarm that suits your spects and exceeds your expectations?

Talk to Julian of Obsessive Security.

Not only does he know the tricks of the trade in terms of how people try to get around security systems he also know the best value for money and abilities of the respective systems you can use.

He abit of a tech geek, (good boy), and that enables him to carefully explain the systems and advantages/disadvantage in a sensible, understandable way, and when he got stuck whilst meeting my demands he worked around the problem like a man pocessed and effortlessly. what a guy.


First Class

To Whom It May Concern:

Julian is simply the best installer in the whole of Wellington. I recently moved down from Auckland and purchased a BMW 320i.

I had done a lot of reading on the Internet of various alarms and was really quite worried about what was the best way to go. Then I came across Julian's website. It provided me with a collection of reviews and recommendations.

I then emailed and arranged a time, instant response and a list of recommended alarms.

Julian's installation was first class. He approached the job carefully and took all the right steps to install the alarm properly. In fact it was so nice to sit and talk with him as he worked through the process and explained exactly what he was doing the whole way through. He even took a few minutes to stop and help fix the problem with the taillights I was having!

Don't waste your time looking for cheapy alarms off trademe, get a professional, get Julian, so you know it's going to be done properly and right the first time.

Worth every penny! This is a guy who listens to what you want and tailor makes it to your specifications. So next time you need an alarm done, be obsessive Cheers mate!

Kind regards

Philip Marshall

Vast & Expert Knowledge

Caravan Alarm

Thank you Julian, for consulting to my security requirements on my caravan this week.

I so pleased you were able to look at my requirements and design and install a system that meets my needs for alarming my caravan.

I'm delighted with the result, and would like to thank you for listening to my requirements and customising a Cobra System to suit. I was impressed with the result.

Prior to this job you had installed an alarm on my sons BMW and he was equally impressed. I am really pleased with the resulting job on the caravan and also appreciated the extension wires to provide the Courtesy Light for the for the front boot compartment on the van.

I've retired from the Auto Industry now and once again appreciate your courteous service. Clearly, you have a vast and expert knowledge of the huge array of Makes and models on our roads. It was a pleasure chatting with you and sharing technical insights of our complex industry.

Ill be sure to contact you when I need another install. And certainly would not hesitate to make recommendations to friends and family.


Graham H. Quinlan

Honest, Pleasant, Obliging...

If you are looking for an expert installer of car alarms, look no further.

Our experience was that, after the New Plymouth Toyota franchise charged us 30% more than Julian would have done for the mess (including a soiled seat) they made of an incomplete installation to our Honda Civic.

Julian drove from Wellington to the Mana motel we were at and fixed it expertly. He worked for more than two hours, and even though he provided missing parts and an extra warning lamp, he charged not his 'maximum $300' phoned estimate but $180.

As he worked, Julian kept us informed about what he was doing, and when finished explained the system's features to us.

This man is honest, pleasant, obliging . . .

Bonner and Tricia
New Plymouth

Tricky Alarm Install

Julian installed a Cobra alarm system in my 2006 FPV GTP. A tricky alarm install as I wanted it to be incorparated into the standard FPV security system. This required a few modifications and was definetly not a "out of the box standard install"

I found Julian to be be honest, up front and very helpul in all my dealings and the alarm install was top notch. Due to the nature of the install there were a couple of minor teething issues (due to the link up with the factory system) which Julian very promptly sorted out without any hassles.

I would have no problem recomending Julian to anyone requiring a top quality alarm installation and I have a system in my vehicle which i have great confidence in.

Thanks Julian


Very Refreshing

Hi Julian

You installed an AutoWatch immobiliser in our 1995 Honda Odyssey in early Feb 2011. It's now May and it has worked great and we are enjoying the added feature of remote central locking.

Your friendly, direct and professional service was very refreshing and much appreciated. The installation is very tidy and I can't rate it anything less than excellent.

I have been recommending you to anyone considering car security. I will certainly be contacting you when we get our next car.

Thanks again. Regards,
Richard Read.

Friendly Service

I would like to thank you for your excellent service and advice.

I feel that if I had gone back to the supplier it would have taken a lot longer. One of the things I was really appreciative of was that you came to my car without delay and then fitted me into your tight schedule the next day and I now have a secure car.

You did not make me get a new remote (which a lot of people would have so that they could increase their fee) but instead offered me a new casing at a quarter of the price.

You were friendly but very business like and I will be dealing with you again in the future. I have also told lots of friends and family about your great service.

Thank you
Maureen Campbell

Superior Work

I found Julian to be extremely professional and knowledgeable of his products..

He was very thorough with the installation process and had no issue with the requirements that I had (some of which maybe have been a bit left field).

This was not the first alarm that I have had installed, and found the integrity of his work far superior than other local companies. Would definitely (and have done) recommend Obsessive Vehicle Security in the future.

Ewan Gould

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