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A collection of testimonials featuring some of the Obsessive installs from October 2009 to April 2010.

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Top Notch

Mitsubishi Legnum I picked Obsessive off the web, NZSA approved, mobile, lifetime installation warranty, customs to your needs, wealth of knowledge, flexible to your schedule and the list goes on. I can really say Julian really knows his stuff.

I was lucky enough to have the day off and be able to sit through the install in my own driveway. On a side note he even demonstrated the chirp of the alarm off his own vehicle beforehand which I thought was fantastic and answered every question I had, which was a few. The alarm itself was exactly what I wanted and the workmanship was top notch.

I would defenitly recommened Julian and Obsessive Vehicle Security to anyone who needs an alarm of any kind.


Top Install from a Top Installer

Mazda Alarm We had just bought a car and found that it came without an alarm. I spent a bit of time looking around various web pages looking for a good quality alarm, and then more time looking for installers who appeared reputable.

Julian's page kept coming up with the best information, and the frank talking blog was also useful. What really clinched it for me though was speaking to Julian himself. Julian knows his business and won't hold back from calling a spade a spade.

When we picked the car up he took the time explaining all the features of the chosen alarm and ensuring we were 100% comfortable with how it worked and what did what.

Overall a top install from top installer. Thanks Julian!

Andrew and Nicky

Good Level of Protection

Subaru Forester The service received from Obsessive was excellent - Julian went the extra mile to outline the technical specification and installation requirements to make the system work effectively.

He was extremely prompt in managing the whole installation, and even gave me a lift to work so he could work on the car. You would never have known that he had been working in the car, it was spotless.

I'm confident we will have a good level of protection following his careful installation. In a market where many cowboys lurk in the shadows, Obsessive is recommended.


Beyond Superb

I picked Obsessive off the intranet, because of their informative webpage and the excellent feedback on it. Being a female who is not very mechanically savvy, his web page gave me a feeling that I could make an informative decision on what alarm was best for my vehicle.

Once I decided, Julian pointed out that I had two choices in the same price range and told me the differences between the two. When I dropped off my vehicle, he drove me to work and then picked me up after. The alarm I chose is working well and easy to use. I now know why the feed back on the intranet is good.

I highly recommend Obsessive to anyone wanting a great alarm, excellent work and above and beyond superb service!!

Kind regards,
Deb Jackson

European Quality

Nissan Safari (not a Chelsea Tractor!)

European quality was something I struggled to find in NZ. Having bad past experience, spoilt glow plug circuit, misbehaving electric system and poor installations and manner made me cautious when I started looking alarm for my "Chelsea Tractor".

I talked to most installers in the Wellington region and observed how they approached a 24V 4WD (turned out to be 12V in the end though!) along with my needs. I was very impressed with Julian's honesty, knowledge, free advice, etc. on his website so I arranged a visit.

I must admit that due to my profession I'm a perfectionist hence hard to deal with or satisfy but actually Julian did it. Pricing was not a driving factor for me although the deal I got was very competitive in the range I was looking at along with rich features and security. The installation is beautifully done, things are aligned, no scratches, damage or mess at all. Not everybody appreciates that screwes are tight, the unit is hidden, things look like done in the factory. Just for a comparsion in the past an installer told me "we're not grooming service" when I complained about the mess they left on the carpet...

Julian other than being honest, skilled, easy to deal with has excellent and professional manners. What I found unique about Julian is that his goal was not to install an alarm system, it's just the outcome. It was to truly to secure the vehicle what many forget along the process...

No doubts your vehicle is in capable hands and looked after very much during the process, I highly recommend him to everybody.

Ivan Adam Vari

True Perfectionist

Nissan GTI-RB

Would thoroughly recommend Obsessive Vehicle Security alarms. Julian went out of his way more than once, and customised his services to meet my requirements.

He went above and beyond what was required, with exceptional customer service, and suggested adding extra features which were beneficial to me. He is a true perfectionist, and takes pride in all his work.

The end result (on both cars) is well worth it.

Jason Hira (an extremely stratified customer)

Very Effective Security

Custom Built Trailer Alarm

Julian from Obsessive Vehicle Security installed a custom made alarm system for my mobile food stall coffee cart.

When I first approached Julian about my request nothing was a problem and he was more than happy to fulfill my needs and requirements and specifically design a system and put together by himself to work for the cart.

It has been a great system easy for my staff to use and very effective!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Julian to anyone and my next alarm will be installed by him.

Your sincerely
J Waugh

Excellent Service

Honda Prelude (5th generation)

As you can probably tell from this website, Julian is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to vehicle security.

He has an good range of the best alarm systems available and will provide you with personalised recommendations based on your requirements.

Getting a security system installed is extremely convenient as he provides a mobile service and comes to your place, so you will not have to drop off your car or wait around for hours.

His work is neat and he is thorough and puts a lot of effort into making the system hidden and inaccessible to potential burglars, which is probably more important than what system you choose.

I would use him every time I need an alarm system installed and recommend him to everyone else who does.


Profesional Approach

Type R Honda Integra (NB)

Thanks for a proffesional approach and work.

Explained everything before starting work on it. Very Obsessive about his job)) Plus u don't need to go anywhere as he will come to you

Highly recommended to anyone who has a great car.


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