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A collection of testimonials featuring some of the Obsessive installs dating back to May 2008.

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THE BATRAM after freak install I met Julian and was very impressed, his knowledge for all things electrical is astounding. Not only alarms, but electronics in general, this guy is literally a freak! That is what I like.

The alarm is awesome and his meticulous touches are what I look for when building my own cars.

We worked together and decided what alarm was best and what functions I needed, too easy. He's my lean to guy now, if I have any concerns or questions, I give him a call and he's ready to help. Definitely the only place I consider when alarms are needed.

Thanks Julian and Obsessive Vehicle Security!

Carl Bullivant

NZ's Most Stolen Car 2008!

Nissan Silvia which has not been stolen!!! Julian's customer service is second to none right from the enquiry email to after sales service.

The great thing about Julian's service is that he comes to you, no having to drop your car off and having to make your way back home, only having to make your way back later. Julian's installs are professionally done and he goes a long way to make sure the vital parts of the alarm are very well hidden and secured. And if you looked at the car you couldn't tell there was anything installed. All wires are hidden and Julian gives a lifetime guarantee on the installation.

Julian's times are very flexible even coming out on weekends!

I will be using Julian for all my future vehicle security. One of the best parts of Julian's service is that he will take as much time as it takes to make sure that you are 100% satisfied. I feel very confident that Julian will back his products and workmanship for years to come and if your alarm ever gives you problems you can contact him for help.

The alarm is only as good as its installation and with that in mind Julian's service are the best in town. Strongly recommended.

Kylie Judd

Must-have Security

Nissan Skyline R34 after being Secured Security is a must when you have spent a lot of money on your ride. There is always someone out there that wants what youhave so cutting corners on vehicle security is a definite no!

A close friend told me about Julian and the work that he does so I decided to investigate the work that was done on his car, lets just say I was more than impressed. I got in contact with Julian and dropped my car off not long after. Julian asked what I wanted and being really fussy, I told him exactly what I wanted and why!

I got the car back and wow! The attention to detail, the respect he has for your car, the love that he puts into his work... Julian shows that he actually cares about your car and it shows in the quality of his work.

I'd recommend Julian to anyone which is why I've spread the word and started threads on many car club forums. It's important to know that your car is safe and I definitely feel that way now!

If only I knew about Julian and Obsessive Vehicle Security when I had my R32 GT-R, I may still have it...


My Pride and Joy

Ferrari with alarm The Ferrari is my pride and joy, and making sure it stayed that way was very important. I approached Julian, explained I needed a good immobiliser that would protect my car from being stolen and an alarm system with remote central locking to protect against break-ins.

Julian explained very clearly the product he felt best suited my car and requirements. Cobra has been a leader in vehicle protection in Europe for over 15 years so I was very happy with Julian's recommendation. He explained how the alarm and immobiliser worked, and provided me with a free quote to supply and install. I was also impressed with the lifetime guarantee on Julian's wiring work.

We booked an appointment and Julian came to my house to fit the Cobra vehicle security system. I was very impressed with the quality of work and neatness of finish, apart from the bright red flashing LED which warns thieves, you would not know an alarm system was fitted. The central locking is excellent, no more opening the doors with the key.

Julian also fitted a microwave system in the car which protects the interior of the car even with the roof off and windows down. He explained to me that the system creates protective field inside the car, which if broken by a hand or an object entering the interior of the car it triggers the alarm immediately.

I am very happy with Julian's work, advice and product knowledge. I will be using him for any future car security system and will be recommending him to friends and colleagues.

Nick McFall

Security Worries Answered

Shelby GT350 badge

My car security worries were all answered by you Julian, from first contact when you explained the options available to me, to your fitment of my Cobra alarm system. A very professional job which including the fitment of central locking, a complete and total service which I can highly recommend. I would be happy to provide a reference to any potential customers and would be more than happy for you to forward them my contact details to do so.

M Macrae

My S13 is my Baby

Nissan Silvia S13 belled up

My S13 is my baby. The first thing I did when I bought it was take it off to Julian for my second Obsessive alarm, and if I ever need another, I'll definitely be going back to him!

He treats your car like it was his own. You would never even guess that a few hours before you pick your car up everything has been taken out and put back in again.

The attention that he pays to detail is outstanding. I especially love the creativity he uses when installing the LED light, much better than just shoved on top of the dash!
Top work Julian, thanks heaps, once again :)


A Preferred Supplier

After 30 years in the Mechanical and Electrical Industry, I have to say not many make my preferred suppliers list after only 1 job.

Julian did, and with good reason, extensive knowledge combined with a great range of products, and a huge amount of experience.

Julian supplied a very fast and efficient installation service. Good technique and quality fitting made the job complete.

Quite simply why would you go anywhere else for this type of work?

Dave Turner
Consultant Engineer, Locomotive Solutions

Quality Alarm with Confidence

If you are after a good quality alarm with the confidence that it will perform, I would strongly suggest giving Julian a call. There are many outfits out there that will sell you an alarm; Julian will take the time to assess your requirements, and does an outstanding job of the installation. Even after sales service is outstanding. Highly recommended.

Phil Harris

Mobile Rescue

Julian from Obsessive Vehicle Security came to my rescue when my car alarm shorted. He drove to where I was, removed the old alarm and advised me of my choices for a replacement.

After working out a time that would suit me to replace the alarm, he did the work at my house. I was thoroughly impressed by the high level of service, the quality of the work and the friendly approach of Obsessive Vehicle Security.

I would happily recommend their services to anyone who needs an updated car alarm system.


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