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Car alarm service
I offer a full mobile service so getting your vehicle security sorted out is super easy.

I also offer a free drop-off and collection service for those of you wishing to drop your vehicle off with me in Karori.

As well as supplying you with a new remote start system, alarm, immobiliser or GPS tracking system the following are also available:

Lost Remote Recovery!

Lost your car keys and alarm remote?

I can either by-pass your aftermarket alarm/immobiliser, or code a new remote for you, as well as arrange for a locksmith to attend to get you a new key cut.

Remote Coding

If you need a replacement remote then I stock all of the main brands of after marketalarm remote controls

This post explains what you need to know...

Alarm/Immobiliser removal and by-pass

Is your alarm causing you issues?

I can remove any after market alarm system and get your car going again. If I'm supplying a new one then the removal of the old one is free.

More details here...

Alarm Servicing

Give your security system a full health check.

I can make sure everything is working as it should be and let you know how good the installation is. I can also explain how it works, make a note of your pin code over-ride number and provide you with a user manual.

Free Advice

Knowledge is power. This page is full of useful advice about car security systems.

Have a good read and understand how things work.

Feel welcome to contact me if you have any questions...

Obsessive Database

If you are one of my customers then you will be on my database.

This way if you lose your remote or have any issues I can find out which system you have by searching either your details or the vehicles.

Be assured that I won't send spam emails or bother you as I hate it when people do this to me!

Second Owner?

If you have purchased a vehicle with one of my systems installed I'm still here to help.

But before I give you any information I will require proof of ownership for obvious reasons.

I also suggest reading the Know how your alarm works post and acting on it!