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As of the 1st April 2012, the New Zealand Security Association "Star rating system" for car alarms and immobilisers is officially null and void.

Some companies such as AVS are still quoting the Star rating system to trick you into purchasing their out dated alarm systems. My advice is to do your homework before making a decision:

This means that the industry is now unregulated and that there are no installer tests or qualifications that are recognised (Not that the NZSA system ever really achieved this).

5 Star Car Alarms There have been numerous cases of alarm manufactures making changes to their alarm systems yet in a bid to evade paying for a re-test for the relevant AS/NZS standards they have kept the same model number. This in itself is a major concern and one that the industry needs to address.

Below is the old defunct "star rating system" which is only here for reference. My suggestion is to read my impartial reviews and check with your insurance company if you require an alarm for insurance reasons.

Beware of any bogus claims from other sites as the system is now wide open for abuse!!!

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NZSA 5 star approved

Note: All Thatcham CAT 1 alarms meet with the old NZSA 5 star approval.

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NZSA 4 star approved

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Note: All Thatcham CAT 2 immobilisers meet with the old NZSA 3 star approval.


Thatcham is an Independent company based in the UK that evaluates vehicle safety and security standards. It is respected throughout the world for setting standards for vehicle manufacturers to comply with. Below are the basic requirements Thatcham set for vehicle security.

Thatcham approved logo

Category 1

(exceeds NZSA 5 star)

Category 2

(exceeds NZSA 3 Star)

Category 2 to 1

The Thatcham website contains a detailed list of cars which it gives ratings for on security and crash impact safety.

Note: Both Cobra and Autowatch meet with Thatcham standards.