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Car thief (lego)

THIEF: Otherwise wise known as a Scumbag, Scouser or "P" addict! It is my aim to keep these undesirables from breaking into your vehicle and taking it!

TILT SENSOR: Otherwise known as a level sensor, detects a change in angle of the vehicle whilst armed. Generally used to trigger the Alarm if it is jacked up (protects wheels from theft) or if an attempt is made to tow the vehicle

touch key for immobiliser

TOUCH KEY IMMOBILISER: Requires the touch key to make physical contact with the dash mounted receiver to disarm the Immobiliser.

TRANSPONDER IMMOBILISERS (AFTER MARKET): Works in the same way as the factory fitted transponder systems (see Transponder Keys) but the microchip is housed in a key fob attached to the key ring. This means that you can simply get in the vehicle and start the engine without having to consciously disarm the Immobilser.

TRANSPONDER KEYS (FACTORY): Many modern vehicles come pre-equipped with a factory transponder Immobiliser. This means that there is a coded microchip inside the plastic part of the vehicles key, without which the vehicle will not start.

TURBO TIMERS: Allow the engine to run for a set time after the ignition is turned off. Some Alarms will act as the Turbo timer so you can arm the vehicle with the timer still running, this is generally referred to as turbo run on. Other systems will allow an external timer to work and will Immobilise the vehicle once it has finished its cycle.

Ultrasonic senosrs for car alarm

ULTRASONIC SENSORS: Detects change in air pressure. One sensor transmits sound waves into the vehicles interior and the other receives them. Any movement inside the vehicle changes the sound waves causing the Alarm to trigger. Used for protecting cabin areas. Note: Not suitable for convertibles (soft tops) or vehicles where air movement is likely.

Upgrade car alarm (slaves from key)

UPGRADE ALARMS: For vehicles that already have full Remote Central Locking, the Alarm piggy-backs off the factory Keyless Entry System allowing you to operate it via the factory Remote.

Window closure module

WINDOW CLOSURE MODULE: Will close up to 4 windows in turn upon command from alarm (Can be wired to close windows from Remote or activated if Microwave Sensor is triggered)

WINDOW STICKERS: Displayed to show that your vehicle is protected. Personally I don't believe in giving a potential intruder any information about what system you have installed so I ditch the manufacturers logo and replace them with my own. I'm proud of my installation standards and consider them added security.

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