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Car alarm pager

PAGERS: Can keep you in-touch with your vehicle. They can notify your cell phone via a text message if your Alarm has gone off, as well as giving you the option to lock or unlock your vehicle with your phone. This is a great way of retrieving your keys if you are unfortunate enough to lock them in your car! They can even alert you if your vehicle's battery is getting low.

Panic Button!

PANIC: Most Alarms have a panic feature; this is usually activated by pressing the designated Remote button for around 3 seconds. This is intended as a safety feature to draw attention to the vehicle and any persons nearby.

Door pin switch

PIN SWITCHES: Usually installed to protect bonnet from being lifted, however some older vehicles may require additional switches for door and boot protection. Being open to the elements it is vital that they are treated with an anti corrosive lubricant to prevent rust and ultimately failure.

P.I.R. SENSOR: (Passive Infrared) Detects increase in heat by using infrared light. (Used for protecting cabin areas in Trucks and Utes) Will trigger when it sees a sudden change in temperature

Car alarm remotes

REMOTES: Are a hand held device that transmits a signal to command your Alarm, Immobilser or Central Locking System. Remotes come in many forms, from one button to multiple buttons, all the systems I recommend have rolling code remotes which offer you added security. This means that the code is constantly changing its combination so it can not be copied by a grabbing device.

Remote batterys

REMOTE BATTERIES: Vary between products. We keep a list of what batteries fit which remotes and are constantly updating it as we discover more products. A battery will typically have about a two year life span but regular use can make this much less. If the range on your Remote starts to drop off then it is probably indicating a low battery.

remote central locking

REMOTE CENTRAL LOCKING: Otherwise known as Keyless Entry enables the vehicle to be locked or unlocked by a Remote.

selective locking

SELECTIVE LOCKING: Allows the vehicle to unlock in two stages, this is normally achieved by double pressing the unlock button (first press unlocks the drivers door only).

shock sensor (can be a pain!)

SHOCK SENSOR: Otherwise known as an Impact Sensor detects impact to vehicle (can be used to protect wheels but I would recommend a digital tilt sensor as they are far more reliable and won't trigger when a truck goes by!)

Standard car alarm siren

SIREN: The noise making device in an Alarm system, is used to Chirp the status of the Alarm and may also act as a pre warning that the bonnet, boot or doors of a vehicle are not full closed upon arming. Will let out a loud high pitched oscillating wail if the Alarm is triggered to gain attention and warm away intruders

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