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Geo-Fence NZ

GEO FENCE: Is a virtual geographical boundary which can be set up on GPS tracking systems. If the vehicle ventures out of the Geo-Fence boundary then the tracking system will send a message to a PC or mobile phone to alert the owner that the vehicle has gone in or out of the zone.

Glass break sensor

GLASS BREAK SENSOR: Detects high frequency sound waves (such as the sound of breaking glass) Note: Not suitable for vehicles with window tints as the tints change the sound the glass makes when smashed!

GPS Tracking

GPS TRACKING: (Global Positioning System) a tracking system installed in a vehicle which enables the user to determine its location, speed and direction in present time as well as the past. Most systems are capable of communicating via a cell phone or the internet. A great way to recover a vehicle if it has been stolen!

Immobiliser module (Immobilizer for those who can't spell

IMMOBILISER: An electronic device fitted to a vehicle that prevents the engine from running without the correct key, tag or remote to disarm it. Used to prevent vehicle from being Hot Wired. Most Immobiliser systems will self arm 30 - 40 seconds after the ignition is turned off.

Internal Siren or screamer

INTERNAL SIRENS: Otherwise known as screamers, can be installed under a dash or in a cabin area to offer a higher level of protection. With 120DB of high pitched sound most intruders shy away from the noise as the sound can be quite deafening and nauseating!

Keyless Entry (remote CDL)

KEYLESS ENTRY: See Remote Central Locking or veiw some of the Keyless Entry systems that are available.

All Car Alarms have the ability to command keyless entry.

LED for car alarm

LED: (Light emitting diode) available in various colours, flashing red or blue being the most common. Generally used as a status indicator of an Alarm or Immobilser, normally fitted in a prominent location to act as a visual deterrent.

Car Alarm manuals

MANUALS: User manuals can be found at the end of each alarm review.
I recommend that you downlad the PDF for your alarm and save it to your smart phone for reference. If you can't find one for your alarm then contact me.

Microwave sensor for car alarm

MICROWAVE SENSORS: Detect large mass movement within a vehicle. Come in single or dual zone variety, can be used to warn off an intruder via pre-warning Chirp, activate Window Closure or trigger the Alarm. Normally installed to protect soft tops or vehicles where air movement may be an issue.

Over-ride key for car alarm

OVER-RIDE KEY: Used to turn off old style Battery Back-up sirens. If the vehicles battery is disconnected without turning the siren off it will cause it to scream!

Over-ride pin code number

OVER-RIDE PIN CODE: Generally a 4 digit number specific to each individual Alarm or Immobiliser which can be used to disarm it in the event of a Remote failing or being lost. We recommend that you store the number on your cell phone under a fake name and fill in the other numbers so it is not obvious. You never know but you might just need it one day!

Over-ride switch for car alarm

OVER-RIDE SWITCH: Some Alarm systems come with an over-ride switch to disarm the system should a remote fail or be misplaced, the switch is normally hidden and is normally only to be used as an emergency failsafe.

Note: Only found on none insurance approved alarms

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