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Cyclops Car Alarms

Cyclops security systems are made by Dynamco in Australia. Up until about 2012 most Cyclops alarms sold in NZ were re-branded and sold under the Dynatron brand name.

Most of the system reviews will link to the old Dynatron model numbers as they are still the same products, just simply under another name.

Paralyser 3 Series P355, P375, P385

Dynatron 3 Series The Paralyser 3 series is a very popular no thrills alarm which is simple to operate, yet without the annoying "features" that make car alarms a nuisance.

Comes with two 2 button remote controls that offers boot pop and silent arm/disarm.

Paralyser 3 Series Range



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Paralyser 7 Series P755, P775, P785

Dynatron 7 Series

The Paralyser 7 Series offers all the features found with the 3 Series but also comes with a transponder remote. This makes it very easy to live with as the Immobiliser turns off when the remote is in proximity of the ignition barrel. My pick of the bunch is the P775.

Paralyser 7 Series Range



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Paralyser 4 Series - P475/P485

Dynatron 4 Series

The Paralyser 4 Series is an upgrade alarm designed to slave from the vehicles factory remote.

Note: For AN/NZS Standard to apply the vehicle needs to have an approved factory Immobiliser or after market Immobiliser.

Paralyser 4 Series Range


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P205 Transponder Immobiliser

Dynatron D2200 Immobiliser

The Paralyser P205 comes with two transponder fobs that disarm the Immobiliser when in proximity of the Ignition barrel. There is no action required by the driver and no batteries to replace. An effective Immobiliser that is easy to live with.

Paralyser P205


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Cyclops Remotes


Image of TX-111 Remote.

Current remote for P355, P355, P385

Battery #CR2016 (x2)
Replacement Case $25.00
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TX-90T Transponder Remote

Image of TX-90 Tansponder Remote

Current Transponder remote for P755, P775, P785

Battery # CR2016 (x2)
Replacement Case $25.00
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Past Cyclops Remotes


Image of TX-71 Remote.

Same as TX-111 remote but different design

Battery #CR2016 (x2)

TX-11 (Green)

Image of TX-11 Green Remote.

Replaced by

Battery #A27 (x1)

TX-11 (Blue)

Image of TX-11 Blue Remote.

Replaced by TX-90 (Transponder remote)

Battery #A27 (x1)

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