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Car Alarms & Immobilisers

I only install car alarms and immobilisers that I supply so that you can be confident of strong after sales support.

Siren Muppetry
The Review section of the Website contains all you need to know about the pros and cons of most alarms.
I even cover alarms that I do not sell.

If this seems overwhelming then simply fill your details in on the Contact me page of the website. Once I have your car details and any specific requirements you may have I can send you a personal email with the best options for you and your vehicle.

Unlike most of the car audio shops I will not sell you an immobiliser if your car already has one!

I list many alarms here that I do not recommend as I want to help you to avoid getting a lemon! Read the Obsessive Reviews...

Basic Features

Expect door, boot and bonnet protection as standard on all alarms as well as a very tidy and well hidden, hard to access system.

The devil is in the details I do not compromise and take short cuts.

All remote alarms will give you full keyless entry on all doors, unless you are advised otherwise.

How Effective are Battery Back-up Sirens?

Siren Muppetry
Don't get suckered into what I call Siren Muppetry!

Most "5 Star" car alarms are simply not as effective as the sales spin that surrounds them.

Find out what most of the car alarm manufactures and many installers don't want you know....

Does the battery in your battery back-up siren even work?

If you own a "5 Star Alarm" then you may want to check and see if it really works!

Here are some systems I've put to the test recently...

Central Locking & Keyless Entry

Remote car locking

A new Keyless entry system can often be much cheaper than a dealer supplied remote.

If you have a car without keyless entry then this can be added to most vehicles with or without an alarm.

Keyless Entry Systems...

Car Alarm Remotes

replacement alarm remote Replacement car alarm remotes...

Alarm Sensors

Alarm accessories This page explains the different types of sensors that alarms use and how they work

More details here...

Car Hacking!

Push To Start Car Theft

Keyless cars are becoming increasing vulnerable

How to protect your car from it...

Is Your Vehicle CAN-BUS?

CAN-BUS alarms work with your factory remote. Check out the Cobra AK4615.

See if your car is listed here.....

Two Way Remote Security

Check out the Viper 3606V.

The two-way remote will warn you if youR alarm has triggered even if you can't hear the alarm!

How Vulnerable is your Remote?

Are you aware how vulnerable your car may be to theft with a cloned remote?

Read this review before choosing your alarm...