You don’t need another bloody immobiliser!

Unnecessary Immobilisers

How Transponder immobilisers work

Most modern cars already have an immobiliser with a transponder chip fitted into the head of the factory key. These are unobtrusive and super reliable, so adding an aftermarket one on top of the factory system is both pointless and a waste of money.

It’s also idiotic! Why would you want to have to press the remote again after the second immobiliser has kicked in? It’s old technology designed for old cars!

Car Audio Shops giving poor advice

Sadly this knowledge seems to be lost on most of the pillocks that work for the local car audio outfits in Wellington. I’ve lost count of how many customers of mine have told me that they have been quoted for an AVS S5 which has triple immobilisation cuts that they don’t need!

Roll on two years and the shitty aftermarket remote fails and they are left stranded unable to start the car!

It’s something I find super frustrating. They are misleading their potential customers either by utter incompetence or greed. It’s probably a bit of both to be fair as there is often pressure to make a sale along with a lack of knowledge due to high staff turn over!

Insurance Companies also Incompetent!

I’ve had numerous customers inform me that NAC insurance has told them they need to get an AVS alarm with an immobiliser, even though the car already has a perfectly good factory immobiliser!

The NAC website does not even acknowledge that factory immobilisers exist. It’s crap advice pushing crappy products. The industry needs to sharpen up and move with the times. I’m also baffled why they recommended what I consider to be one of the worst immobilisers going when there are far better systems out there!

Being Upfront

Personally, I’d rather give up 10 minutes of my time for free to take a look at the car and confirm if it has an immobiliser or not. It’s about being honest rather than looking for a sale. It feels good to treat people with respect and its the way I like to be treated myself. Whilst I may not get an instant financial return I often get recommendations because of it.

If the car already has an immobiliser I’ll make sure the owner has a spare key and send them to a local locksmith to get a spare if they don’t.

There is also the option of either an OEM upgrade alarm or a Remote upgrade alarm if they want some added security.

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