Working whilst on holiday!

I’ve been flat over the past two months, with taking holidays and trying to catch up with the workload I’ve simply not had time to update this space.

It’s not been all play whilst I’ve been off. In June I flew out to Varese, Italy for a couple of days to get some training in along with a guided tour around the Vodafone Automotive headquarters (Previously called Cobra).

Vodafone AutomotiveOn went the static shoe straps and white coat before I had a first-hand look around the production line. It’s an impressive setup and the testing is rigorous. I informed my guide that I do some testing of my own and told them how impressed I am with the sirens. “Oh, that was you?” Excellent ­čÖé

It’s good to know I’m welcome back there too and may take them up on the offer for some training in the future.

South Island Cycle Tour.

This one was mainly to keep fit as lazy installers simply don’t cut it. Avoid the ones who don’t do cardio.

For those who are interested here are some photos:

Training for the trip!

Some last minute training!

Julian Dunster

Lots of snow makes riding a challenge!

The old Ghost road in the winter

Heaven’s door on the Old Ghost Road. Stunning

Alarm installers

Working Whilst on Holiday

Snow means falling off heaps, however, there is no excuse for this one!


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