Wingroad gets Android AV Hack

Whilst I have no intention of getting into car audio, I’m still happy to dabble with my own vehicles. I thought I’d share what I’ve got up to with the Obsessive wagon. It certainly had more scope then the Honda Beat audio install.

Double Din and a Screen

Wingroad Mirror Camera

Factory Mirror Camera

It came with a double din stereo as standard and a built-in dash screen.  The screen gave me a heap of info about the car in Japanese that I could not read. It also came with a reverse camera and a side mirror camera, both of which I wished to retain.

Now one thing I wanted to achieve was to get navigation working in the car. The screen is in the ideal place to see on the top of the dash, the idea of replacing the stereo with a second screen below seemed a bit naff, so the goal was to make it work via the existing screen without losing the use of the cameras.

Adding Navigation

As I already have Google navigation through my Samsung Galaxy S3 the plan was to mirror the screen onto my dash as shown below.

Wingroad Navigation

Android AV Hack to make Google Maps work in car

To make this happen I first found out what the screen could do without the factory stereo. The good news was that both cameras and the default dash display that shows fuel consumption and how many KM worth of petrol are left in the tank still worked without it.

I then picked up a double DIN JVC stereo that had bluetooth and steering wheel control input. Apart from hands-free phone calls, the Bluetooth can also stream music and navigation commands from the phone through the stereo.

Wingroad Android

Android AV Hack to work with the factory screen

The other bonus is that I’ve now got much more than just the navigation as I can now mirror any display that is on the phone through the screen.

A whole heap of switching relays!

Now I’ll confess that making it all happen and being able to retain use of the cameras took a fair amount of trial and error, not to mention time! I’ve also used 7 relays to get the switching between the cameras and such like working as I want.

There is now one additional switch which sits just out of sight below the stereo which flicks the screen between Android and the original screen input, plus the cameras work regardless of which position the switch is in.

Wingroad Camera

Having the steering wheel audio controls makes a big difference too as I can adjust the volume and change track with it. It’s also quite nice to have the album art displayed on the top screen.

Wingroad Audio

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3 Responses to Wingroad gets Android AV Hack

  1. Julian says:

    For those who want to know the technical side to how the hack works, here goes…..

    The S3 uses an 11 pin MHL plug. I used a MHL to HDMI converter, then a HDMI to Video RCA adaptor which works with NTSC.

    From there I cut the reversing camera input to the screen and attached a home made switch which uses latching relays to switch the camera input between the Android and the original reverse camera.

  2. tony says:

    hi ya, i know this is an old(4years) post, but im just curious, did you have to do anything to make the cameras still work once removing factory unit? or did you just fully remove it and they still worked? have a nissan tiida and the stereo dash configuration looks the same with the screen above, the factory headunit is all japanese and usless lol
    any correspondence appreciated
    gonna rip it out this weekend anyways, but th mrs would love the reverse camera to still work otherwise the screen is kinda redundant

  3. Julian says:

    From what I recall the cameras will still work with the head unit removed.

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