Why I won’t install Your Alarm!

Car Alarm Installation

Let me explain why I only install security systems that I supply and why you’d be a fool to purchase one without installation.

Is the alarm suitable?

car alarm installation

I won’t Install alarms purchased elsewhere

First off it’s vital to select the right system for your car. Asking how much an alarm costs to install is like asking how long a piece of string is! Each car is different and generally, we as individuals often have unique requirements.

Part of my job is to find out what you require and give you some options for the most suitable system for you, your car and your budget. In other words, there is not a one size fits all system and much of my work is very customised.

I also believe that you are more likely to get a decent installation if you purchase an alarm from the same person that will be installing it.


Well, they are more likely to recommend an alarm that they have knowledge of which should make for a smoother install.

Decent Warranty with no issues

It’s important that you will only have one person to deal with in the event of a warranty claim. Should you have an issue, you are more likely to get it resolved quickly if you only have one person/company to take care of things.

Personally, I don’t have much time for suppliers who sell alarms without installation. Especially any system claiming to be of insurance standard. When was the last time you spotted a Cobra or Autowatch alarm for sale on Trade Me? The whole point of an insurance rated alarm is that someone suitably qualified should install it.

Actually, the Trade Me list of alarms is almost the same as my list of systems to avoid!

Good Customers get better Service

I’m also slightly fussy about who I work for. Most of my customers are fantastic and tend to appreciate the effort I make.

Don’t be cheap!

Those who look to do things on the cheap don’t really grasp what is involved with a good installation. Think about it, I can purchase an alarm at a better price then you can because I buy in bulk. I also have direct accounts with the manufacturer.

So if you have just had this post emailed to you then it’s probably because I’m over explaining why I don’t wish to install the alarm you have just purchased elsewhere.



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6 Responses to Why I won’t install Your Alarm!

  1. Avatar Nick says:

    cool post Julian, I dont think many people think of this, and on top of that, when the car is insured (if its ensured) they will tell the insurance that its got an alarm when asked by the insurer. So the owner thinks they are covered, when in fact they may not be if not installed by a qualified installer.

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  3. Avatar Nathan says:

    Hi Julian,

    I’m glad I found this post as it answers one of the questions I was wanting to ask you!

    Firstly on behalf of the general public thank you for all of the information you have provided on vehicle security – it has educated me and completely changed my views on some products (I wish there was a resource like you on all comsumer products!). I am in the process of purchasing a 2009 Subaru STI A-Line (keyless start) and am wanting to install a good alarm in it. My research led to your website and while going a little further to validate some of the information in it (some posts are a couple of years old so I wanted to confirm that no new products have been released since) I have stopped right here – your advice is second to none. The two products I am looking at are either an imported Viper 5901 (the question I was going to ask was would you install it if I were to bring it in, but you have answered that above!) or one of the Corba systems. The remainder of my questions were;

    – While I am fairly set on the Viper 5901, if I were to go with one of the Cobra systems which product would you recommend?
    – Approximately how much would the Viper install cost?
    – I am in Auckland and am happy to drive to Wellington to have the work done by you – I noticed you mentioned a South Island working trip – do you do similar trips to Auckland?

    Many thanks,

  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Nathan,

    The biggest word of caution I would have with a remote start would be that you would need to compromise the Subaru immobiliser. Personally I would be looking at the Cobra AK4615 as it will function from the factory keyless enrty. However I do accept that remote start is cool.

    Have you seen the Viper smartphone app that controls the alarm/remote start?

    I’ll PM you with the details.

  5. Avatar Chris says:

    Hi Julian,
    I’m interested in the Ak4138, would you be able to give me a rough price to install it into ln130 Toyota Surf. i saw that you recommend trends in hamilton for cobra installs would be happy to come to wellywood but it would take me some time.

    Cheers Chris

  6. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Chris,

    The AK4138 is $850.00 installed.


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