Wellington is in New Zealand!

Wellington is in New Zealand

I only cover Wellington

I love Wellington, it’s the capital of New Zealand and a fantastic place. It’s where I live and work.

The Wellington region which I cover includes Wellington City, Lower and Upper Hutt, Porirua and Kapiti.

Wellington (NZ) is not in Auckland, South Africa or anywhere else in the world other than the lower part of the North Island in New Zealand.

There is only one of me as I have not been able to clone myself as yet. I do not have any agents or franchises in other countries. Whilst I have a reasonable geographic knowledge I do not have a list of international alarm installers.

I do not  offer international sales or technical support

This post explains why I can’t offer free technical support.
I only supply security systems with installation and do not wholesale to others.

If I have just emailed you this post it is probably because you have failed to notice that I have the word Wellington plastered all over the Obsessive Website, as well as the following words by the submit button on the contact form you may have just filled in:

Please Note: I cover the Wellington region, however if you live outside Wellington then you are most welcome to come to me 🙂

I have had customers travel to Wellington for an installation from as far away as Auckland, New Plymouth and even the South Island. If you are thinking of heading to Wellington then I will do my best to make you feel welcome here. Did I mention that it’s a fantastic place?

On the other hand, I’m willing to entertain the idea of venturing outside of the Wellington region if you are happy to pay for all of my time and expenses.

Kind Regards,

Julian 😉



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