Warlocks! Monkey see… Monkey Do…

Warlocks Car Alarms

Now I take a keen interest in what is posted on the Web about Obsessive Vehicle Security.

It has recently come to my attention that Warlocks Vehicle Security have added “Obsessive Vehicle Security” as a key word to their website. If you do a Google search you will notice that they come up on the first page with ” HOT NEW OBSESSIVE VEHICLE SECURITY PRODUCTS FROM WARLOCK”. (Notice the grammatical error!)

I would just like to make things clear, I do not have any connection with Warlocks and I do not endorse them or their Car Alarms.

My Options

Now I could start ranting about how it looks suspicious that Warlocks appear to still be trading despite being put into liquidation on the 27th May 2009. I could also point out that it maybe dishonest of Warlocks to try and gain sales by playing the association name game.

My other option is to take it as a compliment, after all the saying goes that “Plagiarism is the highest form of flattery”.

Mmmmm….    I think I’ll simply take the compliment and smile.

Warlocks; seeing that you clearly rate Obsessive Vehicle Security why don’t you simply click on the “Like button” on the Obsessive Face-book page?


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