Warlock WAR3500

Warlock alarms

Or is that a Steal Shield?

I could do a review of the WAR3500 by warlocks, but I’d just be repeating what I said about the Steal Shield SS440. Why? Simple it is exactly the same alarm which has simply been re-branded!

This week I got a call from a gentleman who found his remote had failed on his WAR3500 and he was after a replacement. I was simply going to disarm his alarm by finding the over-ride pin number which is normally stuck on the immobiliser relay inside the alarm case, however, this had been removed and in its place was a Warlock’s sticker which had its own serial number!

Warlock Alarms

Warlock WAR3500

Warlock Alarms = Crap Alarms

So I dialled the 0800 WARLOCK number to see if they keep a copy of the over-ride number.

Warlocks hung up on me as soon as I mentioned who I was! Charming hey? I dare say the response had something to do with my previous blog post about them being cowboys!

Anyway, with Warlocks not coming to the party, there was still a simple solution. Get a new SS440 and replace it.

A very simple plug and play change over that worked out about the same price as two new remote controls. The added bonus is a new warranty, two new remote controls and an over-ride pin number.

Oh and just to remind everyone Warlocks are now trading under a 3rd company name after having been struck off the company register twice in the past.  They are also using Obsessive Vehicle Security as a keyword on their website! Tossers, still they aren’t the only ones!

Again I will point out that I have no connection with Warlocks and suggest avoiding them if you like dealing with someone who is trustworthy!


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2 Responses to Warlock WAR3500

  1. wang says:

    Warlocks website is about as good as their service. Absolute shit.

  2. Julian says:

    Plus it has that annoying “welcome all vehicle owners…” voice. An instant reason to exit the site!

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