Vodafone, the new name for Cobra!

Vodafone the new name for Cobra

The Obsessive take on the Vodasnake logo (It’s not an official one)

1st of April 2015 it’s official. Vodafone is the new name for Cobra.

Not a crap April fools joke!

Vodafone acquired Cobra on the 14th April 2014 which was off my radar at the time. I found out later in the year and was assured that it would be business as usual. I certainly did not think that Vodafone would be daft enough to mess with the branding! I’ve always seen Cobra as an innovative, highly regarded top-end security brand.

Vodafone however… Well, don’t they just purchase other companies, re-brand them and run lots of silly adverts whilst failing to deliver? For a company that specialises in communications, it’s always staggered me just how crap they are at actually communicating! If you’ve ever called the customer helpline then I’m sure you’ll know what I’m getting at!

Upon seeing this I felt a sense of loss and foreboding, I hope my fears are wrong and if any decision makers at Vodafone are reading this I beg you “Please don’t stuff this one up.”

Who wants a Vodafone sticker?

Something tells me I’m going to have to stockpile some cobra stickers as my instincts tell me that I’m not going to get many customers requesting I brand their cars with the Vodafone logo!



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