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Automatic Driver Recognition – Protect against key theft

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Cobra ADR Cards by Vodafone Automotive work with the Cobra AK4615 protect your vehicle from theft by key cloning. This way if a remote key gets cloned the car remains immobilised.

The Cobra System provides the original vehicle keys with an additional passive digital signature. Preventing cloned keys from starting the vehicle without the ADR card being present directly combating the “Hi-Tech” theft of a vehicle via key cloning.

Here is how it works:

Three Levels of Protection

The ADR card can be programmed to work on a number of levels. You can choose which options you prefer depending on your requirements.

    • The first level prevents the vehicle from starting unless the card is detected.
    • The second prevents the alarm from disarming with the factory remote unless the card is detected within 15 seconds.
    • The third is an Anti Hijacking option. All are explained below:

Passive Start Inhibition

The vehicle will automatically immobilise 115 seconds after the engine/ignition is turned off. The Passive Start Inhibition will be deactivated upon detecting the ADR card, or if the correct emergency PIN code is entered. The car will then start as normal.

High-Security Disarm

When the factory remote unlocks the car the alarm system enters a 15-second stand down period where it waits to detects the ADR card. If the ADR is not detected within this time the alarm will remain armed and becomes fully active.

Anti Hi-Jacking

The Anti Hijacking feature monitors to see if the ADR card is in the vehicle.

Each time the ignition is turned on, or the driver’s door is opened whilst the ignition on the alarm will look for the ADR card. If the card is not detected within 60 seconds the alarm LED will flash for 30 seconds to warn the driver and give them time to enter the over-ride pin number.

If the PIN number or ADR card are not detected then the alarm will go off. Once the ignition is turned off the car is then immobilised.

Ideally, the ADR card will be kept with the driver if Anti Hi-Jacking is required.

Automatic Driver Recognition Card

Cobra ADR Card protects against Key theft and OBD-II Key Cloning

Turning the ADR Card on and off

Press the button until the LED turns off (about 10 seconds).

Press it for 1 second to turn it back on.

ADR Card: $100.00

Leather Case: $30.00

Battery: CR2032

Optional Leather Case:

I recommend keeping your ADR card in your wallet or your house keys. I have leather cases available for $30.00 to protect your card.

Leather Case for ADR card protects it from damage

Note: Features vary depending on the alarm. The link below  covers how it works with the AK4198, AK4138, and AK4147

Cobra Drivers Card

ADR Card works with the following alarms:

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