Vodafone Automotive AK4698/8509 Combo

The Vodafone Automotive AK4698/8509 Combo replaces the Cobra AK4138.

It’s a top-of-the-range alarm with 3 immobiliser circuits. The system is designed for older vehicles that lack factory remote locking and immobilisation.

From an installation point of view, it is a big step up over the outgoing model. It comes with a wireless battery back-up siren that’s waterproof as well as loud. Horn honk can also be added.

Programming can now be done with a laptop which makes it very versatile. Plus troubleshooting is much easier as the alarm trigger history can be viewed by the installer using the Andromeda software.

Vodafone Automotive Alarm

AK4698/8509 Combo

What’s included as standard?

All the usual trigger inputs such as door, boot, bonnet protection, and internal ultrasonic movement sensors come as standard. Plus the LED over-ride button remains the same.

The alarm comes with a couple of 2 button padlock remotes as standard but these can be swapped for 3 button remotes that support boot pop. The full list of features and options can be found at the end of this post.

Vodafone Automotive AK4698/8509 in Action

One noticeable difference with the AK4698/8509 Combo is how to disarm the Immobilser once it has auto-armed. You simply turn the ignition on then press the lock button. Previous models used the unlock button so this may take some getting used to. There is also the option of an ADR card as explained in the video below:

ADR Card Option:

Cobra ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition)

Vodafone Automotive AK4698/8509 Remote Alarm/Immobiliser

Vodafone Automotive AK4698/8509 Combo

RRP: $880.00

Optional ADR Card $100.00

ADR Leather Wallet $30.00

Obsessive Rating:
This top of the line alarm system comes highly recommended for high risk older vehicles that lack factory security



Options: (not standard features so additional cost applies)

Additional Information:

PDF icon4698 User Manual

Alarm Sensors:

Need extra protection? This post explains what alarm sensors are available and how they work:

Car Alarm Sensors



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