Viper Sirens. The Good the Bad and the Muppets!

Viper Product Range

Viper Product Range

One of the annoying things about running a security business in NZ is that most products come via Australia which means that the Aussies dictate what we have access to here.

Viper is no exception to this. The two thing that Aussies in the car alarm world seem to excel at are sales spin and Siren Muppetry!

Why “R” Aussies Muppets?

From the Viper Au website!

From the Viper Au website!

With the exception of the 3100 which has a Revenger  Six-Tone none battery backup siren, all Viper alarms imported here come with a the 1505T battery backup siren which sadly comes with an over-ride key. Rather then repeat what I have pointed out in the past the following blog post explains why the sirens are not very effective…

What annoys me is that all Viper alarms sold in the USA come with the standard Revenger Six-Tone none battery backup siren. The Aussies then bring them over here but decide to sell them with the Shitty battery back-up sirens instead and add an “R” to the end of the model number. (See Viper AU Website)

I’m not sure what “R” actually stands for but I guessing its either “Rubbish”, “Retard” or “aRse”.

What you need to be aware of is that any alarm with the letter “R” added to the end of the Viper model number comes with the shitty 1505T siren! For example the 3105V is sold over here as a 3105VR.

Viper Siren Range

Viper Siren Options

Viper Siren Options


The Good News

It’s not all doom and gloom because most Viper alarms that have an ESP2 port will work with Vipers Digital battery backup siren called the 1502T. I have tested it and can confirm that its nice and loud and can be hidden 🙂

I’ll be listing each compatible system soon.

I have asked Directed NZ to see if they can give me options of purchasing each alarm with either the 6 Tone standard siren or the 1502Tb Digital siren.

I’ll be posting an update once they get back to me with the options!


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2 Responses to Viper Sirens. The Good the Bad and the Muppets!

  1. Avatar Paul says:

    Hi, is the 1502T the same as the directed 515esp?

    I have a matrix rs3 and looking to add battery backup so I’m looking at this as an option. Thanks

  2. Julian Julian says:

    The 1502T is plugs into the ESP port so it could be the same, but I don’t know for sure.
    Probably best to ask Directed this one.

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