Viper 5906V Remote Start Alarm

The 5906V is the top of the line remote start alarm system from Viper. Whilst the basic unit is still the same as that found on the 5606V, 5806V, and 5706V it has more features thanks to the 2-Way OLCD colour remote.

The 7944V two-way OLCD remote is super easy to use. It has a toggle wheel type switch on its side that makes flicking through all the menu options quick and intuitive.

The remote has up to a 1.5km range and the full-colour screen lights up with animations reporting any event that happens with the alarm.

Viper 7944V Remote on demo mode:

Two Remote Controls


Viper 7944V Two Way OLCD Remote Control

Viper 7153V One Way Remote Control

The 7944V two way remote has a mini USB slot for charging.

In addition, the system also comes with a 5 button one-way remote.

This is used for those times you don’t want to have the bulk of the two way remote or to want to leave it on charge.

The 7173V remote has a range up to 800 meters.

Auxiliary Outputs and Features

The previous review of the 5606V, 5806V, and 5706V covers how the Auxiliary outputs can be configured along with most of the other features.  Have a read up here if interested rather then I repeat myself.

Here is a video of one of my installs showing the remote start in action as well as the 535T Window Closure Module installed into a Toyota Rav4.


I’ve requested for the 5906V to come with the 1502T Data battery back-up siren rather then the over-ride key siren that all the models that end in VR come with.

Viper 5906V

Viper 5906V

Suggested Installed Price: $1200.00

*May vary depending on vehicle and features required.

  • Two Way Remote Start Alarm
  • Full Colour OLCD Two way remote (7944V) with up to 1.5KM range
  • One way LED remote (7153V)



  • 5 Aux outputs including Boot Pop
  • New Priority™ user interface with an easy 2-car operation
  • Control Center™ with integrated Status LED and Valet Switch
  • Virtual Tach™ RPM sensing
  • ESP2
  • D2D serial data interface for Xpresskit D2D serial data interface modules
  • XpressPort dock for Xpresskit docking serial date interface modules
  • Flex Relays for remote start and light flash
  • Manual Transmission Mode
  • Car Finder
  • Advanced remote start functions: Timer Start, Smart Start, RunTime Reset
  • Failsafe® Starter Kill
  • 1502T Data Siren (Obsessive Vehicle Security request)
  • Onboard Stinger® DoubleGuard® remote-adjustable shock sensor
  • Warn-Away: low-volume, brief warning signal for questionable threats
  • Inputs for doors, hood, and boot monitoring
  • Progressive Door Trigger
  • NPC™ Nuisance Prevention Circuitry software
  • Silent Mode arming and disarming
  • Ports for optional sensors
  • Keyless entry with optional progressive driver’s unlocking

Optional extras:

Additional information

Frequently Asked Questions

PDF icon5906V User Manual


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