Viper 515R Battery Back-up Siren

The 515R is a battery back-up siren from Viper.

It’s one of those sirens that I’m not a big fan of as it has an over-ride key.

That said it does have a decent internal battery and the keys are individually numbered. Unlike the Mongoose and AVS battery back-up sirens, the lock is not super easy to pick!

I have stock of these which I’m willing to sell without installation. This way you can service your old alarm and make sure it still works.

A great replacement for your Mongoose M60 siren as it actually works!

Here is the mongoose siren in action to compare:


Please let me know which alarm you have and I can let you know if it is compatible and provide fitting instructions.

It will be good for most Mongoose and Dynatron alarms, along with many others.

Clearance price whilst stocks last: $45.00 each plus shipping.

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2 Responses to Viper 515R Battery Back-up Siren

  1. Sam Adams says:

    Still in stock? Mongoose M60g

  2. Julian says:

    Yes, and it’ll work fine as a replacement for the M60G siren.

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