Viper 474V Remote

Viper Product Range

Viper Product Range

The Viper 474V remote is sold with the 211HV keyless entry system here in New Zealand. It can also be programmed to work with the Viper 3100 alarm.

The remote will work with a number of other Viper alarms which I’ve listed below.

The remote has a green LED that flashes when any of the buttons are pressed.

Viper 474V remote NZ

Viper 474V

RRP: $95.00

Battery: CR2032 (X1)

Frequency Range (MHZ) 433.92




Compatible with the following Viper Systems:

Probably more I’ve missed too! I’m not listing other DEI brands here…

Replacement case

474V Remote Case

Replacement cases are available with the standard button configuration with the orange horn/panic button.

There is also the option of a yellow button with a star which is more suited to remote engine start systems.

It’s a good option for those who like to customize the functionality, or even add an auxiliary expansion module.

Japanese Version:

474VJ Red LED 302MHZ

There is a Japanese version I’ve seen fitted to some imported cars that looks the same but works on a different frequency.

Viper 474VJ

How do you identify the Japanese version?

First off it has a solid RED LED rather the flashing green one. It also transmits on 302MHZ so is not compatible with the systems sold here.

If you open the remote up it looks different too so you can check even if you have a flat battery:

Normal Viper 474V on the left with the Japanese impostor on the right.

For anyone who requires a Japanese version, I’ve got a couple kicking around so let me know if you require one.

Directed Branding

Finally, Directed Electronics has heaps of different brand names overseas so here are some more 474 remote controls with different shape cases, etc:

Hornet 474T

Automate 474A


Proguard 474

The Hornet 474T is the remote sold with the Hornet 433H along with some other Hornet alarm systems.

Ungo 474U

Plus there are others with different button layouts which I have not posted here…

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