Viper 412V

The Viper 412V is the latest keyless entry system from Directed Electronics.

It replaces the Viper 211HV and comes with new remote controls and erm… Well, that’s about it!

It’s actually the same as the 211HV in all aspects apart from the new remote controls and a new box.

Inside the box, the user manual says 211HV which is a tad lazy but not really a problem.

Viper 412V

Viper 412V – With New Remote Controls

There are 3 buttons on the face of the remote. Lock and unlock don’t really need explaining, other than pressing both together activates the AUX 3 output.

Like the 211HV selective unlocking, double locking and unlocking are all supported.

The bottom button actives the panic alarm. The old remote on the 211HV did have a siren symbol, but I’m guessing this remote is borrowed from a remote start system as it uses the remote start logo?

The Aux button on the side of the remote activated the Aux 2 output. This is typically used for boot pop, but can be wired up for other functions.

Read the 211HV review for more details

Details here… It’ll save me repeating myself!

Viper 412V

Suggested Retail Price: $280 (may vary depending on vehicle and features)

Obsessive Rating:
A very versatile keyless entry system with a new number!

Read the 211HV review for more details as it’s exactly the same, just with different remote controls.



  • Two 4 Button remote controls
  • Blue LED
  • Hazard/Park-light output
  • Horn honk and panic options
  • Valet Mode
  • Courtesy Light output
  • Two Aux outputs


Additional information

PDF icon211HV User Manual


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2 Responses to Viper 412V

  1. Avatar James says:

    Does this have built in Failsafe Starter Kill? Or require additional module for such function?

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi James,

    The full details are in the post you just commented on. In other words, there is no built-in immobiliser, but it does have a ground-when-armed output which can be used with a relay for a starter immobiliser.

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