Viper 3606V

The 3606V is the top of the line Viper security system and is 2 way remote capable.

It’s packed with options including a fully open ESP2 port that gives you the option of adding a data battery back-up siren and securing from remote cloning. It also has D2d which means the alarm is PKE and Vipertraq compatible.

I’ll be covering Smart Start and the range of remote start systems soon.

5 Auxiliary Outputs

If you want your alarm to do more then simply lock and unlock your doors then the 3606V has 5 remote activated Aux channels to play with if you include the boot pop output. It’s a toy and that’s a good thing in my book 🙂

Viper 3606V

Viper 3606V-

Two Way Remote Options

As the 3606V only comes with one 5 button remote as standard (the 7656V shown in the picture above),  you are able to customise the system and chose which two way remote you want as the second one, or you could opt for Vipers SmartStart and use your Smartphone as your two way remote…

7856V Two Way LED Remote or the 7756V 2 Way LCD Remote?


7856V Two Way LED Remote

7756V Two way LCD remote

7756V Two Way LCD Remote

More details on each remote and how they work simply click on each photo that goes to the relevant remote post.

Fully customisable

As the ESP2 Port allow programming via a Bit Writer the alarm can be customised to behave differently with each remote, or simply programmed to the setting you choose with ease.

Viper 3606V

7656V One Way Remote

7656V One Way Remote

Suggested Installed Price: $600.00 (may vary depending on vehicle, requirements and Siren choice)

Note: Additional 2 way remote not included as standard.

None insurance standard: Suitable for vehicles with factory transponder immobiliser or low-risk vehicles

Obsessive Rating:
With the two way remote options, ESP and D2d ports, the 3606V has more options then you’ll probably know what to do with.

About as flash as it gets without delving into the world of remote engine start!



  • Clone-Safe® Code-Hopping®
  • ESP2
  • Hazard/Parklight output
  • Failsafe® Starter Kill Immobiliser
  • Stinger® DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor
  • Battery Back-Up Siren with over-ride key *3105VR
  • Dome Light Supervision – On-Board Relay
  • 5 Auxiliary Outputs
  • Horn Honk
  • Includes One 5-button one-way transmitter
  • Control Centre with antenna, Valet switch and Status LED combined in one unit
  • XR+ super-heterodyne receiver for range up to 1.5km


Additional information

PDF icon3606V User Manual


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