Viper 3400V

The Viper 3400V is the replacement for the 3100. It’s the new entry-level alarm system so what’s new?

First off are the 4 button remote controls. Whilst not new (the 7145V remote is found with other Viper alarms) they are an improvement over the old 3 button remote.

This is a win as the additional button allows for a separate lock and unlock button that make the system easier to use.

Viper 7145V remotes come with the 3400V

Smaller Siren

There is a new siren which is smaller than the old one. It’s still a standard none battery back-up model and the smaller size makes it nicer for the installer to hide.

514L siren, smaller than the old 514LN

But is it still as loud?

I put both on the Obsessive test bench to find out.


What else is new?

Well other than a new box and user manual, not much! It’s still the same hardware as the 3100 including the plastic case for the alarm module which still has 3100 moulded into it.

Viper 3400 is actually a 3100 with new remote controls and a smaller siren.


The 3100 reviews can be found here…

Rather than repeat the old review have a good read up there to get the full details.

Viper 3400V

Suggested Retail Price: $400.00 (may vary depending on vehicle and requirements)

Obsessive Rating:
My favourite entry-level alarm system!

OK it’s still the Viper 3100 with updated remote controls and a smaller siren.

But there is nothing wrong with that!



  • 6 Tone Standard Siren
  • Two 4 Button remote controls
  • Starter immobiliser
  • Impact sensor
  • Blue LED
  • Hazard/Parklight output
  • Two Aux outputs
  • Valet Mode


Additional information

PDF icon3100 User Manual (Will update with 3400V PDF once it’s available)


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