Viper 3105V & 3305V

The 3105V and 3305V are effectively the same alarm, the only difference being that the 3305V comes with the 7345V two way remote as standard.

They are the first alarms in the Viper range that features ESP2. This allows for some serious customisation and allows you to personalise your alarm. It also allows the Viper SmartStart to be added to control the alarm.

The other noteworthy feature is the XR Plus remote receiver which comes as standard. This claims to have a range of up to 1.5 KM, although don’t expect this to be that impressive in the busy and hilly Wellington environment.

XR Plus Receiver

Viper Control Center

The receiver or “Control Centre” as Viper call it, contains the alarms LED as well as the valet button and is designed to be mounted on the upper part of the windscreen.

Viper 3105V


One way security

The 3105V comes with a two 4 button remote controls which have a separate lock/unlock buttons. It also has two auxiliary outputs. Personally, I’m not sold on the remote design as the unlock and Aux buttons are very close together and it’s easy to press the wrong one when not paying close attention.

The only thing the 3105V lacks from the lower price 3100 is a Horn honk output, but the program options gained from the ESP2 settings more than makeup for this. The 3102V is also an option if you want horn honk and more Aux outputs.

Viper 3305V Two way alarm


Two-way security

The 7345V two way remote is the only real difference over the 3105V, it comes with an additional one way remote as shown.

The two way remote will display if the alarm is armed/disarmed, as well as inform you if the alarm is triggered as well as showing what zone has caused it to sound.

It has an additional button on the back that allows the remote to be locked so you don’t knock the main buttons when it’s in your pocket.

Aussie R’s version

Be warned: as NZ product options are chosen by our cousins across the ditch the 3105V is sold as a 3105VR in NZ which means it comes with an over-ride key style battery backup siren. I’m doing my best to get them with a standard siren which is how they come in the USA.

It’s worth noting that the 3105V does not support the 515ESP digital battery back-up siren so consider the 3102V or 3606V if you require a hidden battery back-up siren

Viper 3105V & 3305V


Suggested Installed  Price:

3105V $460.00
3305V $540.00
(Price may vary depending on vehicle and requirements)

None insurance standard: Suitable for vehicles with factory transponder immobiliser or low-risk vehicles

Obsessive Rating:
Vipers most affordable alarm with ESP2 support allows each remote control to be individually programmed.

If you like a remote with a long range then you’ll love this Viper



  • Clone-Safe® Code-Hopping®
  • ESP2 (No digital siren support)
  • Hazard/Parklight output
  • Failsafe® Starter Kill Immobiliser
  • Stinger® DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor
  • Battery Back-Up Siren with over-ride key *3105VR *3305V
  • Dome Light Supervision – On-Board Relay
  • SmartStart ready
  • 2 Auxiliary Outputs
  • Includes Two 4-button Transmitters (3105V)
  • Two way and 1-way remote (3305V)
  • Control Centre with antenna, Valet switch and Status LED combined in one unit
  • XR+ super-heterodyne receiver for range up to 1.5km


Additional information

PDF icon3105V User Manual

PDF icon3305V User Manual

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  1. Jeremy says:

    I have a viper alarm and need another remote.I have a spare but its not in sinc can I get it sorted or do I need a new remote? If so what would it cost?

  2. Julian says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    That all depends on where you are located and which model Viper alarm you have. Rather then post your details in public
    Please use the contact form for enquiries


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