Tool Protection and Ute Security

How secure are the tools in the back of your ute?

Ute Alarms

Most Utes sold in New Zealand do not come with an alarm system. The ones that do fail to cover the load area where your valuable tools are often stored.

So what options are there to protect against theft?

Because your Ute has remote locking does not make it safe to assume that it has an alarm. If you do have an alarm understand how it works and find out which zones it actually covers.

I’ve listed most of the popular Ute’s at the bottom of the page with a link to each make and model. There you’ll find a detailed description of what each vehicle comes with and what options there are.

Picking the right sensors

There are a number of optional alarm sensors which help protect the load area, some can be added to a factory alarm, others will need an upgrade alarm system installed. Below are the optional sensors:

Canopy Protection

PIR Movement Sensor installed in Ute Canopy

If you have a canopy in which you keep tools in then I highly recommend a PIR movement sensor which will detect if a break-in occurs.

Hard Lid Protection

Ute Hard Lid Protected with a magnetic reed switch

Reed Switches are great for detecting if a hatch has been opened. More details here…

Tailgate Locks

Leaving the back of your Ute Tray open is never a good idea and because most Utes do not come with remote locking leaving the tailgate open is a risk. I can add a tailgate lock to most Utes.

Vehicle List

Below is a list of the most common Utes in New Zealand. Click on the link to get a detailed overview of what each one comes with and what upgrades I recommend.

Find our about the Security advice for Vans here…




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3 Responses to Tool Protection and Ute Security

  1. Avatar nanoclear says:

    Very effetive protection for car, nice blog keep posting like this.

  2. Avatar Greg D'Anvers says:

    Ive got a 2013 Amorok with a hard tray lid (aluminium) – can you fit a reed switch to it? – if so does it link to the existing VW alarm or is it stand-alone- can you give me an idea on the cost.
    Many thanks
    Greg D’Anvers

  3. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Greg,

    Please use the contact form for enquiries rather than publishing your details.
    I’ll need to know some details before I can offer you a quote.


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