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Cyclops Product Range

The original TX-90T remote was easy to identify due to it’s LED colour which was blue.

It worked well but for some reason, Australian alarm manufactures Dynamco (Cyclops) have decided to dabble and change the LED to green.

To make things even more interesting the remote now comes as both a transponder remote (TX-90T) and a none transponder version (TX-90), both with a green LED.

The intention of this post is to help clarify which remote is which!

The TX-90T is the transponder remote (Note the T at the end).

Dynamco/Cyclops/Dynatron remote range

The new Green LED version of the TX-90T flickers when the button is held down whereas the Green LED on the TX-90 will come on solid.

The TX-90 is the none transponder version of the remote which replaces the TX-111 and the TX-11 Green LED remote

How does the Dynatron (TX90T) Transponder Remote work?

With the 7 Series a coil which is installed around the ignition barrel behind the plastic steering wheel cowl trim.

Old TX-11 remote with Blue LED (replacement cases are still available)

When the door of the vehicle is opened the transponder coil will energise for 30 seconds. If a coded transponder remote is placed in proximity of the coil then the immobiliser will disarm.

If more than 30 seconds has passed since the door was opened then the coil will turn off to preserve the vehicle’s battery. The coil will also energize whenever the ignition is turned on.

TX-90T replaces the TX-11 Blue remote found on older models of the 7 series which would often end up with a broken case or the rubber buttons would perish. Note: replacement cases are still available for the TX-11.

Trouble Shooting

Having two TX-9oT  remotes (or TX-11 blue remotes for that matter) side by side will cause the transponder to stop working, it will also cause the remote batteries to drain quickly. In other words, it is not a good idea to have 2 sets of transponder remotes on the same key ring.

Changing Batteries

Both the TX-90 and TX-90T remote controls use two CR2016 batteries that typically last for 3 years, but this will vary on usage.

TX-90T remote takes 2 CR2016 batteries.
Note: Transponder coil in the remote which is missing in the TX90

Take care not to remove the half crescent plastic that prevents the batteries shorting out and make sure that the + tab holds the batteries down firmly.

TX-90 Remote and TX-90T (Transponder Remote)

TX-90T and TX90 Remote

TX-90T (Transponder Remote) Compatible Alarms:

TX-90T RRP: $95.00

Historic 7 Series Remote Controls

  • TX-11 Blue LED 1997-2007
  • TX-90T Blue LED 2007-2016
  • TX90T Green LED 2017 >

TX-90 Compatible Alarms:

TX-90 RRP: $85.00

Historic 3 Series Remote Controls

  • TX-11 Green LED 1997-2007
  • TX-111 2007-2016
  • TX-90 2017-

Replacement Case (fits all TX-90 and TX90T remote controls)

Replacement Case fits all

RRP: $25.00

TX-11 case also available

What to do if your Dynaton/Cyclops remote stops working?

All of the alarms that these systems work with will immobilise the engine 40 seconds after turning the ignition off. If your remote fails and you don’t have a spare one and have already replaced the remote batteries then you’ll need the alarms over-ride pin number.


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10 Responses to TX-90 & TX-90T remote controls

  1. Jae says:

    hi Julian,
    I’m looking to replace my troublesome TX-111 remotes with a new non-transponder TX-90. Do you sell them or can you recommend a vendor?

  2. Julian says:

    Yes I do stock and sell them.
    I’ll ship them to any where in NZ, but do not offer over seas sales.
    Courier fee is $5.00, (Rural post codes are extra).

    This post explains how to order one:

  3. Sam says:

    Hi, i have a dynatron alarm with a tx11 green led remote which has a damaged case and have no spare remote. Will a tx90 remote be able to be added to my system as a second remote?

  4. Julian says:

    Hi Sam,

    Yes you can use a TX-90 as a second remote, I also have replacement cases for the TX-11

  5. Leah Hawkins says:

    Hi there,
    Need a couple of TX -90 replacement cases.
    We are based in Martinborough. Would you be able to send us 2 please.


    Leah 027436**** (Edited)

    Note: Please do not put personal info on the blog or use it to place orders

  6. Julian says:

    Hi Leah,

    No problem, I’ve sent you an email with payment details.


    P.S. (I recommend using the contact form rather then publishing your phone number on the Blog)

  7. Scott Morris says:

    Hi there,

    I currently have s TX-71 remote and it is becoming very troublesome. I’ve just read they are no longer available and the TX-111s are the new replacement? Is it very easy to connect the new fob to the car alarm system? Cheers

  8. Julian says:

    Hi Scott,

    I do not recommend the TX-111. The TX-90 will work and is easy to code to the alarm so long as you can disarm it with a working remote or the alarm PIN number.
    Remote comes with coding instructions.


  9. Jim Farmer says:

    I have a TX-90T fitted to a 1988 E30 BMW M3 EVO (actually 2 for 2 car keys). For some reason, when operated it locks and unlocks the door but then the engine will not fire (the battery of the car is fully charged). That is the position with both remotes. I understand that you should not have both of them next to each other and I haven’t.
    Any thoughts?
    Are you situated in Auckland so that I could drop them in for you to look at?
    Jim Farmer

  10. Julian says:

    Hi Jim,

    I only cover the Wellington region as clearly stated on the Website.
    If the remote is arming and disarming the alarm then it is clearly not the issue. Maybe a faulty starter motor, failed relay, or wiring issue?
    I suggest finding someone in Auckland to look at it for you.


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