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Why most alarms won’t work with an external turbo timer.

The turbo timers job is to hold the ignition on after the ignition key has been removed. This allows the engine to keep running whilst the turbo cools down.

Most alarms won’t arm with the ignition on for obvious reasons. It’s also worth noting that if the alarm has a built in immobiliser then the ignition input needs to be live to keep the engine running. Without this, the immobiliser relays would open and cut power to the engine.

Alarms With Built-in Turbo Timers

There are a number of alarms that have a built-in turbo timer. For example, the Autowatch 446RLi Premium has a programmable option that will keep your engine running for either 1 or 3 minutes after you take the key out of the ignition (assuming the ignition has been on for more than 3 minutes). The alarm can be armed whilst the engine is still running. If the alarm is triggered the car will stall and instantly become immobilised.

The Dynatron/Cyclops 3 series and 7 series also have a timer chip (Note: Turbo Timer Chip is currently unavailable) that can be added to make the alarm work as a turbo timer and like the Autowatch gives you the option of stopping the timer with the remote control.

Mongoose and AVS also offer similar setups but I’m not going to waste time on these as I simply don’t recommend them.

Advanced Solutions without Compromise

If you wish to use your own Turbo Timer then combining a Remote Upgrade alarm with a separate immobiliser is the ideal solution. It requires an additional switching relay to the ignition which prevents it from arming whilst the key is in the ignition. Once the key os out of the ignition the alarm can be armed as normal whilst the timer is running.

The alarm immobilises the starter motor (which can still be immobilised with the engine running) and either the factory transponder immobiliser (where fitted) or an aftermarket immobiliser (transponder or touch key) such as the Cobra 8510, or Autowatch 573PPi would kick in to immobilise the other running circuits after the turbo timer has switched off.

In my opinion, the best combination is the Cobra AK4698 with a padlock remote, along with the Autowatch 573PPi with a transponder chip fitted inside the remote.

Cobra Padlock Remote with Transponder Chip

It makes for a super clean install with minimal clutter on your key ring. Both the Alarm and immobiliser are about as good as you can get. If you are not on a tight budget then I can’t recommend this combination enough.

OEM Upgrade alarms will not work with a turbo timer

I get asked this question too often so may as well add it here to make things super clear.

Have you tried using your factory remote with the ignition on? It won’t lock the car, therefore, any OEM upgrade alarm installed would not be able to arm either whilst the timer is still running as the remote will not lock the car.

It will of course work after the timer has finished but then you may as well sit in the car for a minute or so and turn the ignition off yourself!

Don’t forget to turn your lights off whilst your Turbo timer is running! This post explains: Turbo Timers and Park lights


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