Turbo Timer Stops Park Light Alert Buzzer

Turbo Timer Problems

Turbo Timers Problems

Turbo Timers

We all know what turbo timers do. (If not then I’m sure you could google the term!) But until today I had not considered any potential problems with having one.

A good customer who I had recently installed an Autowatch 446RLi Premium for called me to say that because the built-in Turbo timer on his Alarm was running he had left his park lights on.

When he came back to his vehicle (a diesel auto of all things) the battery was a flat as a witches tit! Before the timer was installed the headlight warning buzzer would alert him to the fact that the park lights were left on, but with the timer keeping the ignition live the alert buzzer no longer worked!


The fix was a simple one which involved re-wiring the park light alert buzzer’s ignition feed to the key side of the ignition/turbo timer cut.  20 minutes later I had a park light alert buzzer that would work with the timer running. This fix can be applied to most alarms with a built-in turbo timer as well as aftermarket turbo timers with the use of an additional relay.

Keeping Customers Happy

The customer was easy to deal with and was already happy with the alarm install. When handing the keys back I always say that if you have any questions then to let me know.  This is exactly what he did. He was not sure if I could find a solution but felt he could run it past me just the same.

I love some of the little challenges that come up as they keep the job interesting. Speaking of which here are a couple of photos of the dash after the alarm install.

Instrument Cluster LED Install

Flash Flashing Thing. Blink Blink!


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