Toyota Ultrasonic Switch

Back in 2016, I was given the heads up that the Cobra AK4218 Toyota upgrade alarm was going to have one final production run. I purchased a bulk load of them which has got me through the past couple of years.

Well, I’ve finally sold the last one. This means I am no longer able to offer Toyota alarms that can turn the Ultrasonic sensors off with a second press of the remote.

The good news is I have had time to come up with a nice solution.

Ultrasonic Off Switch

Toyota Ultrasonic Switch

New switch for disabling the movement sensors

I’ve had some switches made up that will work with both the Cobra AK4615 and the AK4698. They will fit in most Toyota models from the past 15 years or so where a switch blank is available. The LED in the new switch can also double up as the alarm LED which is a nice touch.

How does the switch work?

Simple, it latches on and off. If pressed in it turns the ultrasonic sensors off. This is indicated by 3 siren chirps upon arming the alarm. Great for those times when you want to leave a window open. It’s much easier than using the LED over-ride switch.

I’ve also been working with Vodafone Automotive sniffing the CAN-BUS data for Toyota windows. This means it should be possible to have the Ultrasonic sensors deactivate if a window is left open on some of the new models coming out.

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