Toyota Prius Alarm Options

Toyota Prius Alarm

The Gen 3 Toyota Prius comes with a factory immobiliser, keyless entry and push-to-start button. It does not come with an alarm.

I recommend the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS alarm which works with the factory remote.

I can also add an Auther Comfort module which will close all the windows automatically upon the car being locked.

Toyota Prius Alarm

Here is a video of the Comfort module in action:

The Prius remote is semi-smart, as in it allows push to start, but does not offer proximity locking.

Prius Remote

The Prius has push-to-start but no proximity locking

Some photos of the alarm installed in the Prius:

Toyota Prius Security

Cobra LED over-ride switch in the Prius

Toyota Prius Alarm

Ultrasonic Sensors in the Prius

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