Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series Alarm

The Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series was released in 1984. Since then it has had a number of updates and body options added.

It is currently sold as a 2 door Ute, a 4 door Ute and a 5 door station wagon.

As far as security goes, all 70 Series Landcruisers manufactured after the 2007 Face-lift come with a factory transponder immobiliser.

In 2014 Keyless entry was added to the range. The remote control is not built into the key head like other Toyota’s. It has a separate bulky remote that fits on to the key chain as shown below.

Factory Toyota Remote. Basic but rugged!

The 70 Series does not come with an alarm so there are a number of upgrade options.

For those who wish to continue using the Toyota remote, the Cobra AK4615 can be fitted in PLIP mode, as can the Cobra AB3868.

If you want an alarm with its own remote or have a pre-2014 model then the Cobra AK4698 is a great option. The remote case can also be changed for one with a Toyota Logo which is a nice touch.

Cobra AK4698 with Toyota logo on the remote.

Here are some shots of the alarm after the installation:

Ultrasonic Sensors fitted in the 70 Series

Cobra LED Over-ride in the Landcruiser

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