Toyota Hilux Tailgate Lock

The Toyota Hilux does not come with a locking tailgate so I’ve developed a locking module that works with the factory remote.

It will work with any current generation Toyota Hilux that uses a handle to open the tailgate.

The module consists of a steel plate that is mounted on factory bolt points inside the lid. Upon which is attached a high-quality actuator which fires a rod across to prevent the handle from moving.

Toyota Hilux Tailgate Lock in action

Below is a video showing how it actually works.

It will work with both the SR-5 and none SR-5 models.

Pricing: $550.00 installed

Optional: Double Tap Module to prevent automatic re-locking: $150.00

Note: Double tap module is wired to unlock the tailgate on the second unlock which also prevents the main doors from re-locking.


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11 Responses to Toyota Hilux Tailgate Lock

  1. Avatar Eddie Nink says:

    Hi there
    Will this tailgate locking system work on a 2015 sr5 hilux

  2. Julian Julian says:

    If it is the new 2015 > Hilux SR5 then yes. The new one comes with the proximity smart key as shown on the video.

    The previous Hilux (Old shape) was 2005-2015. I have not checked so don’t know, but the mechanism is very similar so could be the same.
    Details of the Hilux can be found here which explains the models:

  3. Avatar Dean says:

    Just looking at your locking for the hilux tail gate how it it powered? Off the light?
    Can you supply parts so i can install myself and what would the cost be?

  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Dean,

    It is wired into the vehicle existing central locking which is why it works with the factory remote.

    These are only available with installation.

  5. Avatar David Kidd says:

    Hi, do you think you could do this with a 2016 Mitsubishi Triton?

  6. Julian Julian says:

    I have not looked at the Triton tailgate mechanism so do no not know.
    I know it works with the 2005-2015 Hilux with some modifications. I’ll update this if I find out.

  7. Avatar David Kidd says:


  8. Avatar Peter says:

    I understand you are based in Wellington. Do you have someone in Auckland that could fit this?

  9. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Peter,

    No, it’s just me so I do not have any installers in Auckland or anywhere else.
    You’re more then welcome to drive down here.


  10. Avatar Anthony Collett says:

    Does this effect the factory warranty??

  11. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Anthony.

    No issues with the factory warranty at all. I actually developed this after a request from the local Toyota dealership.

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