Toyota Hilux Alarm options

Toyota Hilux Alarm

With the new Hilux hitting the dealerships I figured now would be a good time go into details about what the best security options for them are.

I’ve managed to get my hands on the new SR5 version a couple of months before it hit the showrooms. It already comes with an immobiliser and a basic factory alarm system with the Toyota Smart Key proximity locking system.


Top of the range 2015 Hilux SR5 has a factory alarm system

How good is the factory alarm on the SR5 models?

The main noteworthy feature is the Toyota Smart Key which simply locks and unlocks the Ute by touching either of the front door handles when the Smart Key is in range. The SR5 also has a push to start button which is a nice touch for a Ute.

Smart Key with Push to Start Button

Smart Key with Push to Start Button

The factory alarm simply arms/disarms with the proximity/remote locking. It gives door and bonnet protection and has a horn fitted in the engine bay which sounds if the alarm is triggered.

What it lacks is any form of internal movement sensor or battery back-up siren. The alarm also disarms with the key in the driver’s door lock which is a weak spot so I still recommend upgrading it.

Sensor Add on to Factory Alarm

If you are happy with the factory alarm and simply want the canopy covered then I can add a PIR sensor and a Remote Double Tap Module.

Locking Tailgate Upgrade

The Hilux does not come with a locking tailgate so if you keep valuables in the tray and wish to protect them then check out the Hilux Tailgate Lock that works with the factory remote.

More details here… 

Upgrading the Factory SR5 alarm

The Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS alarm is fully compatible with the SR5 Hilux and works flawlessly with the factory smart key set up. The Cobra offers Ultrasonic internal movement sensors which look the part:

Cobra Ultrasonics a perfect match for the SR5 Hilux

Cobra Ultrasonic Sensors are a perfect match for the SR5 Hilux

The AK4615 has a super loud digital battery back-up siren which can be hidden so there is nothing to see in the engine bay. The factory bonnet switch is built into the latch so again it keeps things clean.

Option sensors can be added to the alarm which I’ve listed at the end of this post.

All other new Hilux models

Hilux Work mate alarm

No alarm on SR or WorkMate Hilux

All other Hilux models (WorkMate and SR versions) come with the more traditional remote key. If you have one of these the only security the Ute has is a factory immobiliser.

Update May 2019

The Cobra AK4218 Toyota upgrade alarm has now been discontinued. The AK4615 will work with the none SR5 Hilux in PLIP mode. I now have an ultrasonic off switch available for the Hilux.

Hilux with flip open remote key

Hilux with flip open remote key

Previous Shape Hilux (AN10, AN20) 2005-2015 Model

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Ultrasonic Sensors

If you have one without the remote keys (or damaged remote controls) then the excellent Cobra AK4698 is a sweet option. I can even get them with Toyota branded remote controls.

Cobra AK4198 with Toyota logo on the remote.

Cobra AK4698 with Toyota logo on the remote.

Additional sensors

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4 Responses to Toyota Hilux Alarm options

  1. Leon Becker says:

    I have a 2011 Hi Lux x tra cab without remote locking ability.Can you fit an alarm/immobiliser with remote locking ?It has factory fitted door motors.I also want movement sensors fitted.Can you also give an estimate how much it will cost? Thanks,Leon.

  2. Julian says:

    Hi Leon,

    The 2011 Hilux should already has a factory transponder immobiliser.
    If you want an alarm with it’s own remote controls and movement sensors then I highly recommend the Cobra AK4698 which is $700.00 installed.

    Please fill your details in on the contact page rather then publish your details etc.


  3. Colin says:

    Hi Julian,

    I have a late 2017 model SR Hilux, and there does not appear to be any way to enable an audible alert (chirp) when you lock/unlock the car. Despite the three other > 2015 base model SRs we have chirping away merrily, the dealer says it’s not an option for the SR?

    Are you able to sell us something to enable this? We’re in Aus, so it’d need to be something we could fit ourselves…



  4. Julian says:

    Hi Colin,

    Sorry, I’d need to look the vehicle and don’t offer overseas sales as explained here:


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