Toyota Hiace Courier Alarm

Last year I posted about the New Toyota Hiace. I can now add a new Courier alarm solution for the Hiace which I’m quite excited about.

It’s the first CAN-BUS courier alarm I have done and possibly a world-first too. I have not read about anyone else doing this before.

Historically this has not been possible as the alarm will not arm when the ignition is on. However Vodafone Automotive has been good enough to update the Hiace firmware to ignore the ignition CAN data.

Toyota Hiace Courier Alarm

It’s a sweet solution as the van can still use the one remote key that Toyota provides when it’s not being used as a Courier alarm. It can also work as a normal courier alarm with the Cobra remote.

Here it is in action:


More details about the AK4615 and the New Hiace can be found in my original blog post…

Toyota Hiace Courier Alarm

Toyota Hiace Alarm

New Toyoya Hiace Alarm

Pricing includes installation and GST

Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS courier alarm $815.00 (Comes with one Cobra Remote)

Additional Cobra Remote: $115.00 each


Optional Upgrade:

Tilt Sensor $150.00


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