The Obsessive Beat is back!

About 4 weeks ago I dropped the Beat off with Paul at Heretaunga Collision Repair Centre, it was then a two tone yellow which really was not my taste!

Leaving Paul and the lads at Heretaunga to do their thing I was left with a room full of car parts and a heap of cleaning to do. I started by getting the over-spray from the previous re-spray off the door rubbers. Any yellow bits not cleaned up were bound to show up when the car went back together. Even though some were hidden parts I knew they would bug me if I didn’t take care of them!!!

The beat is nearly 20 years old and despite the low mileage still had a fair amount of grime to clean up. I’ve no idea how many hours I’ve spent over the past month cleaning parts in the sink and bath but know that I’m well into double figures here!

Anyway, enough of the dull cleaning stuff, I now have the Beat back and it’s looking great. Thumbs up to Paul for such a great job.

I shall be going into some of the details soon. As well as posting some decent photos once I find the time and the Sun comes out!

Until then there are more photos on the Obsessive Facebook page.

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4 Responses to The Obsessive Beat is back!

  1. Avatar Kerry-ann says:

    Okay the car is clean… but what about your bath and sink? Couldn’t stop laughing when I read that!

  2. Avatar obsessed says:

    Let’s just say that they are probably not as clean as the car! 🙂

  3. The Beat looks good as new and I think Paul did a great job in cleaning it. You should’ve done the cleaning regularly so dirt won’t pile up like that. You think it would last for another 20 years?

  4. Avatar obsessed says:

    Agreed, Paul did do a great job. I highly recommend Heretaunga Collision Repair Centre to anyone looking at getting a re-spray or repair job done.
    I’ve only had the Beat since September and to be fair it wasn’t in a bad state when I got it. The point is that I took the whole car apart and cleaned each part which you don’t normally get to do!

    As for the Beat lasting another 20 years? Who knows!, I’d like to think so 🙂

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