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The current version of the Suzuki Swift (Generation 3) came out it 2010.

The top of the line RXS model comes with the Suzuki Smart proximity key and push to start button. The other models simply have a traditional remote key.

Here I look at what security the Swift comes with and how it can be improved.

Factory Alarm

The factory alarm on the swift is about as basic as they come.

The alarm has door and boot protection but does not cover the bonnet, (I have some information that suggests some models do but the 2012 model I tested did not).

It lacks an internal motion sensor and the alarm uses the horn which is not overly loud!

Suzuki Swift alarm warning LED located below the hazard switch

Swift alarm warning LED located below the hazard switch

If you are looking to upgrade the alarm then my recommendation is the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS alarm which offers bonnet protection, wireless battery back-up siren which make far more noise then the factory system, plus has Ultrasonic internal protection as standard.

Suzuki Swift Alarm with Ultrasonic Sensors

Cobra Ultrasonic Sensors are a perfect fit in the Suzuki Swift

The Cobra works with factory smart key as well as the models with a traditional remote key so you’re covered regardless of which model you have.

Alarm works with the proximity locking as well as the remote

Alarm works with the Smart Key proximity locking found on the RXS model as well as the standard remote on the lower spec versions

Suzuki Swift Upgrade Alarms

Gen 3 Suzuki Swift 2010-2017

Main Features

Gen 2 Swift 2004-2010

Gen 2 Suzuki Swift 2004-2010

Previous model Swift

If you have an older Gen 2 Swift (2004-2010) then AK4615 will also work as will any decent Plip/Upgrade alarm such as the Cobra AB3868.

If you no longer have working remote controls then a remote upgrade alarm is also an option. My pick would be the Cobra AK4198.

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