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The SS450 is a quirky little alarm that comes with a 4 button multi-function remote that can operate two cars. It’s incredibly small which is never a bad thing. In fact, it’s so small that I actually managed to install one into a lego car some years ago!

It’s also a very versatile alarm so is good for some of the more customised installs.

Good Remote Controls

The remote is sensible in that it has a lock, unlock, * and # buttons.

The lock and unlock do exactly what they say, but can also be programmed for double locking, for a car that has deadlocks, and selective unlocking.

An extended press of the unlock button functions as a boot pop, and the * button works as a programmable AUX output. This leaves the # button which when pressed first works for car number 2.

SS450 Car Alarm

Steal Shield SS450

Now it does have some flaws that can be irritating. The Blue LED never truly turns off which can be a pain whilst driving at night! Personally, I like to change the LED to a red one so it is not so much of a distraction.

The LED also comes on when a door is opened which could be useful for the rare car that does to have this already!

There is a built-in impact sensor on the SS450 that can be adjusted with the remote control, the only other alarm I can think of that offers this is the Autowatch 279RL.


Steal Shield SS450 remote

RRP:  $360.00

None Insurance Approved

Obsessive Rating:

Despite having some annoyances it can be a good alarm and toy!

Sure it’s no Viper, but then it does not have that Viper price tag!



6 multi-tone Standard Siren

Two 4 Button Remotes

Immobiliser output

Boot pop

Aux output

Selective unlock

Double Lock (Deadlock output)

Over-ride button

Additional Information:

PDF iconSS450 User Manual

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  2. Julian says:

    Ultra Start 450 Remote now available as an alternative to the SS450 remote.

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