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I’m well aware that there are a large number of you out there who don’t like reading the instruction manuals.

I thought it would be a good idea to make some videos explaining how the Spyball 6829 works.

As I don’t own a motorcycle I’ve made up this model and installed an alarm inside it.

Anyway enough of the writing. Here’s the model:

Complete with battery back-up siren and mains power pug for demonstration purposes.

Transmitter Functions: Alarm Arm/Disarm and Movement Sensor Bypass

Immobiliser Arming/Disarming

The immobiliser will automatically arm 27 seconds after the ignition has been turned off, even if the rider does not arm the alarm. The indicators flash to confirm that this has happened.

To disarm the immobiliser you simply press button one on the remote after turning the ignition on.

Note: If the alarm has triggered whilst you are away the siren will chirp a diagnostic number to inform you upon disarming.

  • 1 chirp: Tamper alert, Ignition turn on, unauthorised access to the protected compartment or battery disconnect.
  • 2 chirps: Lifting or dragging of the motorcycle.
  • 3 chirps: Both of the above.

Biker Recognition Feature

The biker recognition feature, arms and disarms the alarm and immobiliser without having to press the buttons on the remote:

Note: The Biker Recognition feature will drain the remote battery quicker than when it is in normal use. The alarm will flash the indicators an additional time upon disarming to warn if the remote battery is getting low.

Anti-Hijack mode

Anti-Hijack mode will kick in if the rider leaves the bike for more then 2 minutes whilst the ignition is turned on.
Note: The transmitter is kept with the rider rather than being attached to the keys.

Additional Features:

“Turn Indicator On” Audible Warning Signal

Not an anti-theft feature but it will chirp the siren if the indicators have been left on for more then 24 seconds.

My review of the Spyball 6829 can be found here…

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Programming Instructions with Video found here… 

PDF iconSpyball 6829 User Manual



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