Spyball 6829


The Spyball 6829 is a sophisticated Motorcycle alarm made by Cobra Italy that complies with Thatcham Cat. MC1

MC1 is the bike equivalent of the Thatcham CAT 1 standard.

The Spyball name is inspired by the patented 360° movement sensor which protects against lifting or towing of the bike. It has 8 levels of shock sensitivity that can be adjusted to suit the bike.

The sensor can also be temporarily deactivated via the remote upon arming.

Spyball 6829 alarm

Immobiliser Arming/Disarming

The immobiliser will automatically arm 27 seconds after the ignition has been turned off, even if the rider does not arm the alarm. The indicators flash to confirm that this has happened.

To disarm the immobiliser you simply press button one on the remote after turning the ignition on.

Biker Recognition Function

With the biker recognition function selected the owner does not have to press the remote to arm or disarm the alarm as the transmitter sends a coded signal to the alarm every 1.5 seconds. The transmitter range is about 3 meters so the rider can simply keep the remote in their pocket and the alarm will automatically arm within 21 seconds of going out of range. The alarm will disarm when the remote comes back into range.

Note: It is recommended that the biker recognition function should be turned off if the bike is left unused for long periods to reduce battery drain.

To arm the alarm with the biker recognition feature turned off simply press button one on the remote.

Battery Backup siren

As you would expect from Cobra the siren is shrill and one of the few bike alarm in NZ to have a battery back-up.

 Security Housing:

Spyball 6829 motorcycle alarm

Reed Switch comes as standard to protect seat cover or top case.

Spyball Reed Switch

RRP: $700.00

Full product specifications found here…

Demo Video found here…

Program Function Selection with video here… 


PDF iconSpyball 6829 User Manual


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