Selective Unlocking

Selective Unlocking simply allows you to select which doors you unlock. It’s a common feature on many new vehicles.

Ford Transit Remote offers Selective Unlocking

Most systems unlock the driver’s door with the first press of the remote unlock button. A second press will then unlock the other doors.

Some vehicles like the Ford Transit have a dedicated remote button to select which zone of the van unlocks. This way it is possible to unlock the back of the van and leave the front locked.

Many vehicles allow you to turn this feature on or off to suit your requirements. Take my Nissan e-NV200 for example, selective locking can be turned on or off by holding the lock and unlock buttons together for a few seconds. Personally, I like all the doors to unlock with just one press of the remote.

Aftermarket Selective Locking

Selective locking can be retro-fitted. The video below shows an install I did on a 2009 Toyota Landcruiser which did not have central locking before it got into my hands.

My customer asked if it was possible to just have the front doors unlock with the first press of the remote. No problem as the Cobra AK4698 supports selective unlocking.

Systems that support Selective Unlocking:

Other Options

If you want selective unlocking from your factory remote and your vehicle does not support this I can probably use a Double Tap Module to make it possible.

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