Remote Start with Manual Transmission

Remote Start Manual Transmission

Remote Start Manual Transmission

How do you prevent remote starting a car that is in gear?

I’m sure I don’t need to explain the potential dangers of having a car remote start when in gear so I’ll get straight to the point.

If you have an Automatic transmission then this is not an issue. The car simply won’t start if it is not in park. However, if you have a manual gearbox then it makes things slightly more complicated.

It’s still possible to install a remote start into a vehicle with a manual transmission. The trick is that you’ll have to teach the system that the car is out of gear before you exit it.

Remote Start Manual Transmission

Here’s a video of an install I’ve just done on a manual Nissan 300ZX that shows how to set up for a remote start:

If the setup procedure is not followed then the vehicle will not allow you to remote start. The remote start system will also go into safety mode if you have disarmed the alarm, and opened a door or the bonnet, or if the alarm has triggered.

Applying the foot brake, dropping the handbrake or triggering the alarm will all instantly stop the engine until the key is placed in the ignition.

Manual Transmission Start (MTS) Procedure

With the engine running:

  1. Apply the brakes (keep your foot down) then apply the park-brake and release the foot brake
  2. Press the start button on the remote (either once or twice depending on how it has been programmed) or press the optional dash mounted switch.
  3. The Park lights (or hazard lights depending on what has been wired up) will flash 5 times to confirm remote start mode has been entered correctly. (Go back to stage 1 if the lights do not flash)
  4. Turn ignition key off and exit the vehicle, then shut the door (Engine should still be running).
  5. Press Arm on the remote. The engine will stop and the car is now ready to remote start upon your return.

Turbo Timer Mode

For Turbo timer mode follow the same procedure but start stage 1 with the drivers’ door open.

Note: Turbo timer mode will only work if the system has been programmed to do this.

Here it is in action:

FAQ are covered here…

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  1. Lance Dela Cruz says:

    Hi there,

    I just wantec to ask how much you charge fir one of this remote start for manual transmission?



  2. Julian says:

    Hi Lance,

    I’ll need to know which model of remote start you are after as well as what vehicle you have and your location before I can give you a quote.

    Please fill in the contact form with your details and we can go from there.

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