Remote Engine Start FAQ

Remote Engine Start FAQ

Remote Engine Start

Frequently asked questions regarding remote start systems.

Below are some of the most common questions I get asked.

Feel welcome to comment or contact me if you have any questions that are not covered here and I’ll do my best to respond.

(Please remember that I’m in New Zealand so keep it relevant. If you have a technical issue and you’re not local take it up with your local installer ­čśë ).

Can my vehicle be stolen/driven off whilst running under remote start?

No, it can not be driven off without turning the key in the ignition barrel first and pressing the brake pedal.

Without doing this the engine will stop if the brake pedal is pressed (handbrake dropped on manual transmission vehicles) or if the alarm is triggering (assuming you have it armed). The steering lock will also remain on.

What is a by-pass, or interface module?

Most modern vehicles come with a factory installed transponder immobiliser. This prevents the vehicle from being started without the chipped key.

If you have a plain metal key that starts the car then you don’t need one. If however, your car has a transponder key then your remote start system will require an interface module (where available) for your specific vehicle which allows the car to start without the chipped key.

If no interface module is available then a by-pass module will be needed. This requires you to give up a key which will be placed inside the bypass module.

How does a By-pass module work?

Basically, a chipped key is placed inside the module which allows the car to read the chipped key when the remote start is activated. At all other times, the vehicle requires a genuine chipped key to start the engine.

It is recommended to have at least 3 keys for the vehicle if using this method. Two for normal use and one for the bypass module. It is important that the bypass module is well hidden so that the factory security is not easy to compromise. Technically only the chip part of the key is needed.

Is a remote start system safe to use with a manual transmission?

Yes, and it’s safe.┬áThis post explains how it works…

Can a remote start work with diesel engines?

Yes, the remote start can be programmed to delay cranking after the ignition is turned on in order to allow the glow plugs to warm up.

How long does a remote start take to install?

I’ll need your vehicle for a whole day (possibly overnight), it’s one of the few jobs that I don’t offer a mobile installation on due to the time involved so I will also require you to drop it off with me. I’m happy to drop you off and collect you before and after the job.

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