Remote Double Tap Module

Auxiliary output from factory remote

Remote Double Tap Module

One of the things I’ve always found restrictive about some factory remote locking systems is the lack of any auxiliary options.

If only you could get add an auxiliary output to your existing car remote to control a new function by simply pressing it a second time.

Auxiliary Output From Factory Remote

Well, I’ve come up with a tidy solution that will work with most vehicles. It simply activates a second function by pressing the lock or unlock button twice within 3 seconds. Hence why I’ve called it a  “Remote Double Tap Module”.

I’ve already kitted the Obsessive Van out with a remote double tap lock function that activates a Boot Release Actuator to pop open the charger door which also actives a 3-minute timer module to turn some LED’s on for better night vision.

Pressing the unlock button twice turns on the headlamps for 30 seconds which is useful when approaching the vehicle in the dark.

There are plenty of other uses for the double tap module. Last week I installed one on a New SR-5 Toyota Hilux to work as a selective unlocking system for the canopy.

The second unlock press unlocks the canopy door as well as sending a command to the vehicle so it will not auto re-lock. Without this, the vehicles locking system re-locks after 30 seconds unless one of the main doors has not been opened. In turn, the alarm would re-arm and then the PIR movement sensor would trigger the alarm!

It makes the alarm easy to use as the alternative is opening a door before accessing the canopy which is a pain and not exactly intuitive.

Double Tap Module

Pricing: $150.00 installed.

Note: Price does not include additional parts such as timer modules, LED’s or locking actuators.

Will work with any locking system that responds to the 2nd press of a factory remote. Can also work with some aftermarket keyless entry systems and alarms.

Double Tap Module can be used for the following:

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