Opertunist Car Thieves

The majority of car thieves are not exactly what you’d  call academic, in fact I’d go so far to say that most are mere simple beings who would probably struggle to even spell the words “vehicle security”.

Thinking about spelling and the obvious links with crime, drugs and a lack of education, this probably explains why methamphetamine is know a “P” here in New Zealand. The plebs that are on it are too stupid to spell or pronounce the word!

I encountered three academically challenged muppets at the start of the week and found the whole episode rather amusing.

"Ahh Bro, lets Hotwire another car!"

"Ahh Bro, lets Hotwire another car!"

I had my head buried under a dash board when a car pulls up and three Bro’s get out.

“Ahh does (name suppressed) live here?” “Is he in?”

I looked up and saw three want-to-be gangsters that would have looked at home on an episode of Bro-Town and suggested that they try knocking on the door to find out.

Next I heard raised voices.

“Ah Bro, I wus going to smash you!”

From the following conversation I think a sale had been made, the ringleader of the group threatened to steal a car if they didn’t get paid.

“I can steal any car”

Mmmm, this brash statement had caught my interest, I thought it would be entertaining to see if his actions could match his bravado.

“Hey mate let’s see how you get on with my Nissan then.”

Ahh let the game commence!

“I’ll even make it easy for you and leave the window open.”

Little did the fool know that the car had an evil trick up its sleeve…

The mouthy little prick nearly soiled his pants when he reached in through the window, he moved with a swift panic as the window started to roll up and just got his arm out in the nick of time.

“Not so easy then? I’ll tell you what how about I unlock the doors for you so we can pretend that you’ve got that far?”

The scruffy knuckle dragging grob opened the door to set the alarm off and quickly opened the car bonnet. All three of them were looking in the engine bay and began to look puzzled.

Finally the comment came.

“Where’s the siren? I can’t see it.”

To which I showed them my cell phone and the text telling me that the alarm had gone of along with the cars location.

“Sorry boys game over!”

So the point of the blog?

Well the Bro’s did exactly what I expected them to do, they broke into the car and then went to silence the siren, normally the siren is on display in the engine bay and simple to defeat. This was different and involved having to think. Resulting in brain overload. In other words they were stumped!

The point is that most car thieves are opportunists like the ones I encountered, they are not intimidated by alarms as they know how easy they are to get past as experience has taught them this, they then pass the knowledge onto their peers.

This makes having a standard alarm installed by a standard installer a waste of time and money. As the Bro’s proved, they are confident in getting past such systems and don’t see them as much of a challenge.

When they encounter an alarm which is fitted differently to what they know they then struggle.

People are simple creatures who have set habits and often don’t like change. This goes for both the majority of car thieves and alarm installers who have always done it the old way and really don’t know any better.

Until this changes cars will remain an easy target…


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