Obsessive Wagon

The Obsessive Wagon is primarily the company mule which lugs the tools between each job but is also doubles up as a full-on demonstration vehicle.

Possibly the most over done car alarm system in NZ!

The Obsessive Wagon has a no-compromise security system!

I’ve lost count of the hours spent to get the car to its current state, and wouldn’t like to work out how much the retail value of the install would come to! In fact, there has been so much done to the car that it is not possible to cover it in a single blog entry…

Obsessive Vehicle Security & Beyond!

Well, it would be silly to have gone for a half-arsed system with the name Obsessive Vehicle Security splashed down the side of the car. All time limits and budget restrictions were thrown out of the window on this one. The result is, in my opinion, the best vehicle security systems available. There are plenty of additional features thrown in for the pure hell of it.

The Basic Shopping List

Cobra AK4198

4310 Internal Battery Back-up siren

Cobra Tilt Sensor

Microwave Sensor

Cobra Drivers Card

Cat II Immobiliser with transponder chip fitted into Cobra remote key

Obsessive GPS Tracker

Window Closure Module

Mirror fold timer

Tail light LED install

The Details

I’ll go into the details about what has been done to the Obsessive Wagon in the coming weeks. Until then here is a short video…


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